Fauci Asks for Medical Records of Wuhan Lab Staff


Chief. Medical advisor is stepping up the pressure on china when it comes to getting to the source of the outbreak of coronavirus with. Who's report not seemingly offering a satisfying enough bouncer. Anthony fauci wants beijing to release a medical records of nine people whose illnesses might show if covert nineteen first emerged as a result of a lab. Leak wants to tell us more. I'm joined on the line from seoul by the china correspondent washington post even though a very good morning. Good afternoon to you. Good to have you with us. Hi thank you for having me here. What do what do we think that found. She wants to find out well Right now a lot of questions remain unanswered about what exactly was happening in wuhan in the days preceding the pandemic outbreak and one of these reports has been that some of the researchers at the wuhan institute of virology had fallen ill with symptoms consistent with corona virus in november. And so that's something that There have not been The on the chinese side. They have denied that this has happened. And what fao chea saying. Is that the medical records should be released so there can be independent verification.

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