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At least the sixers have the best shot. No one really has a shot to win. But the sixers have a shot to compete. And when i say nobody has a shot to win that's presuming hardens healthy. And they play enough that they get their defense together at least some semblance of together. Meantime atlanta falcons actually make the move polit- trigger on a julio jones trade and they trade him to tennessee falcons got a twenty two second round. Pick a twenty twenty three fourth round. Pick the titans also get not only. Julio jones but atlanta's sixth round selection titans deals pending a physical. So look julio jones who's set to make fifteen point three million in two thousand twenty one and the rest of the titans pick up the falcon now seven and three quarter million dollar a dead descend three-quarter seven and three quarter of million dollars in dead money. This year is what. I'm trying to say in english. So here's here's my analysis of this situation right now. Julio jones will find out about your quarterback. That's why. I wanted to see him with the ravens right lamar. I think you can do it if you had more. Dynamic receiving target. And here's julio jones. Let's see if lamar really has it at the next level. But what he did was. He can't really choose who you root for. I don't mean your own team. I mean like you're just watching a game between two teams that you don't really have a rooting interest in and you find yourself rooting for one of them. For whatever reason it tells you something about the situation. Julio jones told me something about ryan. Tannehill that i didn't even know i thought i was always on. Tv stumping for ten. He's underrated he's a bubble. Mvp candidate and this and that and now he gets julio jones to go with aj brown. That's best receiving tandem in the league. He's got derrick. Henry running the ball. He's got a good at least run blocking offensive line. And i don't believe in the titans and it's because i don't think ten quite good enough. It's not like the old days where good enough quarterback was good enough. You really need a weapon at quarterback. Now patrick mahomes. And tom brady met in the super bowl and aaron rodgers and josh allen and these guys are trying to stop them and you know here comes joe burrow and of course trevor lawrenson and who i think of my favorite guy in In san diego in los angeles come on adjusted. Herbert justin herbert's like an unbelievable talent. Russell wilson uc unbelievable talent throughout the league antenna hills not enough final thick. Eighty eight say. Espn eighty seven to nine. Three seven. six. I wouldn't even when you think about the buffalo bills. Why do you like the bills. Maybe it's because they also have other good stuff. Great receiver a defensive coach. But then in josh allen. You think have a little something extra quarterback in even if you don't think baker mayfield really gives you extra over ryan tannehill. The browns have a better offensive line. It was number one rated run blocking and pass protection number one in both. that is rare. They have a defense and defense. It's getting better returning injured. Starters who weren't as effective last year available last year. Returning those guys bree williams and these guys and also adding jadeveon clowney to myles garrett on the other side denzel ward everybody and then you have you know how okay. Well the falcons were getting. Julio jones well guess what. The browns are getting odell beckham. Junior to jarvis landry well and they have derrick henry in tennessee. The browns nick chubb and kareem hunt so even if baker mayfield is not josh allen or lamar jackson or someone like that. The browns have more than tennessee. Have i mentioned guests. Join me on the goodyear hotline yet. Here what current laker magic. Okay raji needs to put some punctuation here what current laker magic johnson says doesn't have that

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