A highlight from White Fragility on Twitter (w/ Kenice Mobley, WWE)


Of asia asia asian. Podcast a podcast for tuition guys. Nothing major talk about american issues. American cares about. I'm your host to me of an joining me today. In lieu of mike no-win is our senior horny correspondent. It is kenny smoothly. Because before you said junior horny correspondent. Once and i'm happy that i have been your stored senior board correspondent. You're the last person i did. We last time we spoke it was live. Came to my house. Yes yes yes yes. And you've been promote instances. So congratulations you ve you angels. If you're listening to this on your phones right now please take a screenshot posted on instagram stories. Asia not asian pod. And if you're writing is listener or iphone user. Please leave a review on itunes five stars. Even if you don't like us okay. That's how this works and that's how we get bigger can use also excited to have you today before we get into that listeners. You're you're probably like way. You're not gonna tell us where mike is. Mike is like on some vacation with his wife or something else and or utah trying to save his marriage. Wow no that's not really what it is really good husband. And sometimes he takes to really nice places we could all learn a thing or two. Yes there's a reason why i've never mississippi episode. He's missed a bunch. That's that's that's are you gonna. Are you gonna take this as advice. Probably

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