Podcast Artwork: 7 Tips to Grab NEW Listeners with Your Cover Art

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Your podcast artwork. Is your listeners. First impression of your show. It can mean the difference between attracting thousands of listeners or turning them off because your artwork appears unprofessional. Now the good news is more simple than ever to create. Artwork peaks your listeners. Curiosity and enticing them to listen to an episode. Here's seven tips that you can consider to create artwork that stands out tip. Number one is to look at your competition. The idea here isn't to copy what others are doing. It's to merely look at what others are doing as inspiration for your own. podcast artwork. So gray places. Start looking is on apple podcasts. New and noteworthy section or even the top one hundred list of any podcast directory as you're scrolling through the podcast were think about one's peak your interest. What makes you want to listen to those shows. Just by looking at the artwork make a note of any of the design elements. Maybe it's the font the way they use colors or even the picture of the hosts at you all of these things are great things to note down to help you figure out how you should create your artwork tip. Number two is to keep it simple. Now it's really tempting to create all of the elements like your podcast tidal the name of the hose. Maybe even a tagline of what your show is about because you wanna convey at a first glance what your show is about. Now the issue with that is. I can get too cluttered and listeners. Looking at artwork may be really confused at what it's about and instead will go to another show that has much simpler our work and gives a better first impression so instead of cramming everything in just consider a few elements that are well placed. That can pique your listeners. Curiosity and convey your shows about within a few

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