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I can assure you mr chairman noti'm in any of these texts to those personal beliefs ever enter into the realm of any action i took furthermore this isn't just me sitting here telling you don't have to take my word for it at every step at every investigative decision there are multiple layers of people above me the assistant director executive assistant director deputy director and director of the fbi and multiple layers below me section chief supervisors unit chief shirk agents and analysts all of who are involved in all of these decis they would not tolerate any behavior in me in more than i would tolerate it in them that is who we are and the suggestion that i in some dark chamber somewhere in the fbi with somehow cast aside all of these procedures all of these safeguards and somehow be able to do this is a stunning to me it's simply couldn't happen and the proposition that that is going on that it might occur anywhere in the so indignity corrodes while the fbi is in american society the this of their mission and it is deeply destruct deeply but wow us he's he's a patriot yeah protecting american so patriotic that he's he just offending american democracy he's just not patriotic enough to know we don't have a democracy this isn't a democracy so he's going on and on and on you could just see the hatred in his in his is his face he's just he hates these guys and then he's got these other democrats that's is his name salida something like i dunno in the front row there i mean i thought it seriously i thought for a while it was his lawyer that's how hard he was fighting for this guy jumping in and trying to stop questions being asked of him what a pathetic display get a grip yet me think your duff protests too much oh yeah way too much trey goudy had a little more to say if you were kicked off when he read the tech shouldn't you've been kicked off when you wrote them not at all not at all well it was at the discovery of your techs mr struck it was the existence of your bias that got you kicked off novus agata it wasn't i do not have bias my personal opinions in no way why why kept on get kicked off mister gatti's understanding why was kicked off with that base sanding of those texts and the perception that right well hang on a second hang on a second you're saying it was the perception thirteen democrats on the special counsel probe including one who went to what he hoped was victory party that's a perception problem too they were kicked off you are amazing just an amazing spectacle most entertaining day and c span three at least history was yesterday probably yeah yeah i can't think of a more exciting one course i can only i can think of one exciting moment on c span three now yesterday that was it okay i did the i love louie gohmert he's been he was on my show in houston was on her show with glen i we haven't had him on this show yet because we don't do a lot of politicians like that but i i love louis but i think he got a little carried away yesterday you have come in here said i know bias and you do it with a straight face and i watched in the in the private testimony you gave this told him the other guys he is really good he's lying he knows we know he's lying and they probably passed polygraph it's a mazes to chairman this is my i can the democrats jumping in for him point of order the general state is point of order the member of this committee just certa that this witness was under oath and former asian the fbi lied there's no out of that i asked him to withdraw it do not with joy he is not a member of congress it's not a violation of the.

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