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The show we over think dumb questions. So you don't have to. I'm your host markets later and I'm joined here today by Christie and Ben Storms. Say Hi guys. Hey I'm Chris. Hey I'm Ben Guys. We're going back to our roots today. This is almost like our very first question. We ever answered which was up. What if you got one inch taller every month or getting more specific now though? Yeah we're we've honed in on on what makes a good podcasts. And we found out that it's arms nothing else matters nothing. Nothing else matters at all so in light of that revelation that that wonderful epiphany our question. This week is of course. What if your arms got one inch longer? Every month we're GONNA say the starts at our current ages so twenty eight about the same. I'm not sure if you guys were actually so. Did you have birthdays that I missed? I'm I'm still twenty eight. I'm twenty nine. I had my birthday over. Haiti's the day that Benja married. Oh Yeah I think I did. How good friend. Navy at remember anyhow so starting now so you you you grow normally. I was talking about it with a with one of my friends and she was like so if you start. When you're you know conceived your arms are going to be longer than you are when you're born and I'm like Oh God no we're gonNA WE'RE GONNA start at GonNa started our age. We're GONNA start once you're an adult so you can deal with some of it anyhow so when it's longer every month only the the length of your arm is going to increase your arms are GonNa stay kind of the same mattis skinny. They're not GONNA get like super scale up in all dimensions and your hands at the end of your arms gonNa stay the same. You gotTA have little hands. Which is a much funnier image to me this. I hate it so much this image. Okay then you hit the tiny. Which do you want the long hand Matt to and Both Valley? Worse I was GONNA say the hands to save proportional and then I imagined what like a five foot hand but on the spindly arm her spindly hand fingers. It's not as much the tiny hands as the the very long skinny arms are just like very like glitch video game in my mind. I'm not happy about it. I just spent a week thinking about this. I'm going to make the listeners do it too. We also said that it's proportional so like your upper arm and your for your forearm. They grow at the same rate. Your elbow stays in the middle. Yeah you're able to stay in the middle which is but I really long straight arm and then a tiny little. Eat It Well that's you hate it so much. Tell us about your answer all right so so. I did some sort of like general. What life is like with this? You know sort of stuff and the first thing I want to figure good. It's clearly not I'm GONNA go ahead and get but the first thing I actually was just. When do you realize happening because like I I was thinking it was actually kind of hard to realize this? And there's there's one very clear thing that will trigger at which is. Do you wear long sleeve shirts. So you'll realize the winter. I wear long sleeve shirts to work every day. And I'm pretty sure that if this art happening to me I would realize within literally like the first month because I would have just this extra risk coming out of my the end of my slave. I'm pretty sure I noticed that like because I had comparison point right there i. Let's say two months. I think the first month like I'm not sure shrinking. I gotTA CHECK MY DETERGENT. But but it'll be all of it is. I think I think it will be because we all of them. I think I would actually realize pretty ugly but you want. Do you wash your shirts. Different detergents Ben. Are you a fancy lad? I this is true marcus but I want to hear out. If you don't wear long sleeves say that you like it starts late spring. Don't wear them to work. Or you just live in San Diego or something where it's always. Nice Yeah. I don't really wear long sleeves to work in the summer. So all right so yeah so say say it happens to you. Chris. When when is the first time you would actually realize not traffic for for things like I would notice if suddenly my arms for longer I was like tying my shoes maybe a foot difference there and I definitely notice just normally before then. So it's not that I thought about like touching my ceiling wedge like reached up if I yawned or something but there's still like with my parents are pretty low. I saw like a six inch gap there so maybe but not before then I finally realized what it one hundred percent be is. Everyone has something in their life. They had to standards a little bit on their toes to reach up high. And for me. It's like a couple pans on top of my cupboards kitchen. Act LIKE YOU KNOW. Lean just a little bit up to get to. It's like two inches up. Maybe I'm pretty sure that when I could just suddenly retirement grabbed them one hundred percent. No he was going on. You're not GonNa think that you just grew some. Mario like you had a gross. Like second growth spurt or something. I mean I don't I before I thought my arms were growing but then I measure myself. I wouldn't have you know yes you know so. I think that's I think that sort of the indicator where you realize it definitely is whatever that thing is in your life you half years you know strain a little bit to get to. You'd suddenly wouldn't and it'll be weird. Do you think you'd think you'd start getting clumsy? Where like you're used to your arms being the exact length all the time and then suddenly. There's like knocking shit over like all the time I thought about that and I thought about like if you know like sit down your computer and then suddenly your elbows. We further back. Because you're you know armed for longer and you get weirded out but I don't know how notice that before I would notice you know the reaching thing but maybe I don't know maybe if you had something that you like how now. There's no way no way for us to test this right. Yeah exactly we cannot scientifically determine when you would notice first so some more stuff so one clothing usually in these questions after we had like you know get custom clothing or something you technically actually don't have to with this one which is really upsetting. Really all close was still fit. You it's just the your arm stick way out from them. Which is hilarious. The other deaths. Now Yeah so like I think I think you probably WanNA wearing a lot. Like like sleeveless shirt to make it less obvious that you have freakishly long arms. Get cold right well. Yeah you'll get cold well and then the thing is that you know. You can't really wear jackets. Drying more to use an umbrella chart asking myself wait. When can you stop us here? And I'm like when. Can you don't agree? He's an umbrella sitting certain point. You can't hold umbrella and have it be over like have it be over your head still right and still be useful. Does that make sense? Yes going to high in the water. Just got an idea like blocking water for someone who's three feet above right. Exactly get on. Get like the right angle. You have to lay out your elbow in your elbow. Be Getting wet so I figured that the point where an umbrella is no longer fully effective is when as long as you can hold your arm straight down and not have hit the ground. You can hold it above you right. That's basically it so for me. My arms are about twenty inches long and it was twelve inches from the shoulder to the elbow and I measured it. There's a forty two inch gap for my elbow to the floor right now. So once my upper arms fifty four inches long. I can't use an umbrella anymore and that would get me to the age of roughly thirty five. I guess after that. I'm just GonNa get wet did did you have shown to help you. Measure yes it did. Yes on the link from my elbow to the floor. I got my article myself that when I did I could not figure out the other one. I did spoil also mentioned my whole body. I think we all did like coyly went into the living room and I'm like Hey. What's their tape measure? And she's like over there. Why I'm like no reason and then I went into into into the bedroom just like close the door and then did weird measuring so she won't judge me implications if you if you take tape measure out of the bedroom and closed the door but that's GonNa move on past that twenty three inches. You tell us that your you had like an urge measure your arms at work and you're like I'm not going to do that. Was that was I was I was working on. I was doing a little research on my lunch break and I wanted to kind of see like my starting point. Start doing a little spreadsheet to see like the different ages helping my arms would be my starting point and I'm like men are my arms like too long two and a half one without measuring. I probably would say either two or three feet. Not Three feet seems like long. Yeah three really different too long but somewhere between two and three feet. Oh I think it would have gotten me is like I know I have a. I have a square body. You ever do like the in class where you measure P per square rectangular if you stick your own area and I knew I was a square boy so I don't six feet tall and the arms other side and then a half like my shoulder shoulders. Like whatever that discipline like. It's going to be about two and a half feet. I didn't expect how long my hands were like. I guess. So it's like it's like you're you said twenty three inches. I got like two feet. You don't want that. Run it up a little bit and sounds like a foot of foot for the two sections and then from like the risks of the fingertip was like seven and a half which is like more than I was expecting. Your hand is like a quarter of your arm length. Right court doesn't seem right. Whoa I'm looking at my handwriting. Andrei Yeah and yet my are now measuring my arm my hand. This is all great podcasts. Right now we should probably move. My arm is for hands long so so moving on the. I think one of the things I thought about was was not really a solution on this one. But Dr is not GonNa work at some point. I don't know exactly when 'cause it's a complicated problem but like at a certain point you just got too much. Armand there too. I forgot how you could like fit yourself ed and still hold the wheel as necessary but as certain points not gonNA work. You could sit in the passenger seat and reach over. Not The problem is your leg or any longer than you can't. That's the problem is they're saying you have someone else put that pushed pedals. Edano why they won't be driving instead. That seemed like a much better solution. I think this lucy of somebody else drive the vehicle uber everywhere. But certain point. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to fit in the car either at a certain point so so I guess when your arms are let's see when I single section your arm. How long is a car? I I actually had at the time. So let's say like from the from the dashboard to the back. Seat is what you're GonNa get along with so you're gonNA have to like sit sideways whole time. Well I think are you can if you if you like. Pull your your your elbows into the back of the seat and then put your arms through the middle of the front seats too. Where your hand like onto dashboard? That's your best option. Looks Hilarious my mind. My mind went to open the windows and wrap them over the roof. Your.

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