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Bound for on the ramp to northbound one sixty in the Antioch area a car into the center divider in no back up at the westbound bay bridge all we have a sunrise alert it is beautiful in San Francisco mild and breezy to kick off may highs will range from sixty seventies and low eighties the wind will be with us all the way through the weekend and temperatures gonna cool by about seven agrees with more clouds on Saturday and on Sunday I read regarding a new morning show with Nick in Medora on KGO it's one thing to be stuck in your house to the covert nineteen it's another thing to be stuck with the house we have good news for homeowners listening throughout the bay area Jon fi's bay area houses still buying houses more importantly we offer sellers a completely virtual selling process that maintain social distancing standards sell your home now call John today get a cash offer just seven minutes call five one zero four two six eight thousand can't collect rent no problem we buy my tennis will pay me the red houses as well as vacant houses we buy houses as is in any condition if you own a house and want to sell it fast at a fair price call John Baez bay area houses today at five one zero four two six eight thousand sell your home now Paul John today get a cash offer just seven minutes call five one zero four two six eight thousand that's five one zero four two six eight thousand five one zero four two six eight zero zero zero it is one hi this is Anthony in order with reform bass solutions today we're spending more time in our homes than ever before we understand that having a safe and functional shower or bath is important as an essential business we can help while following all CDC guidelines for both your safety and the safety of our team most installations are being completed in just one day no need to wait weeks or months for the bath remodel of your dreams during this crisis we all need a little extra help so we are waiting all installation costs are brand new bath or shower you make no payments no interest for two full years call us today to schedule an in home or virtual consultation with one of our designers or visit us on the web at reborn bass Lucien's dot com eight two California state license number four four three six eight two financing is provided through service finance company on approved credit the morning show with the Commodore continues we're making it easier for you to listen at home simply say Alexa play KGO eight ten once again here's Nikki Medora something very exciting happened today I got a big package it was big and it weighed about one pound and I've opened it up and lo and behold it was toilet paper was a huge box of I was like a kid on the toilet on Christmas morning sixty double roles I haven't this is the closest I'll ever.

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