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To get out frank hillary clinton campaigns today in north carolina donald trump will be there and in florida trump took a one hundred million dollars in october and will spend heavily on tv advertising between now the election day cbs's major guards also snow new money will go toward getting up of all that machine really either has been built or it hasn't been bill either way republican national chameleon the trump campaign of race and allocated all they intend allocate for those effort cbs's nancy curtis has played him is betting big on early voter in nevada we're nearly thirty percent of the population is latino democrats are leading republicans in early voting forty three to thirty seven percent in florida hispanic gurley but winning has more than doubled since twenty twelve which could help offset did in african american turn out the latest national polls give clinton a small lead bits within the margin of error but marrow greenville mississippi believes the torching of an african american charge was intended to intimidate black voters oh trump was spray painted on the side of the building yes p_i is investigating caroline hudson is the church's pass now hard sell broken but we are not angry when it has happened buys his leader of about carl but is imploring his forces to fight to the death to keep the rockies encourage from re taking mosul when no doubt will fight to the last man when she was reached when she reached the city a few hours ago cbs's lateral logan salsa billion scrambling to leave listen carefully the phone line is not the badly and don't know that's up to them in trouble out all day from that there are a lot of women children but i'm so you nerd and feminine children on comes to our until one i that lived and they can all get like the government says two hundred sixty five thousand workers file new claims for unemployment benefits last week a weekly increase of seven thousand either donald trump or hillary clinton will make it to the white house but the chicago cubs will to get congratulations from the president forgiving their fans a world series championship well yeah on well they will hundred years we can't even process would to snap and the indians was manager terry francona's he's no shame in that they need to walk with their head held high be close they're they.

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