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Perspectives. Is that the degree to which you can insulate yourself for what she perceived that you can insulate yourself. You know the degree to which you're willing to do things that might make changes both collectively. And personally i don't know how can we use this moment to make the kinds of vast changes or even minor small changes. You know that does lead somewhere. I just don't know if it leads to the massive structural change that we're all saying needs to happen by march of this year. The rollout of vaccines was well underway. But as you'll hear confusion over who when and where we're common as always. We were alert to weather. The most vulnerable would be the most vaccinated in time. Some like the matrix of manitoba. Said they'd been left out in the cold by the province prompting. Ken bracken i to explore. Just how much control or capacity indigenous governments actually have when it comes to safeguarding. The health of their own people peoples. The feds have been in charge their job to get the vaccine. It's the provinces job to distribute it however first nations of course fall within imposed provincial borders. So i don't think the vaccine went straight to them it. It came by way of the province. Wasn't what premier pallister was howling about a while ago that the amount set aside for of course you reminded me. We discuss that. Very question So this is an article from earlier in march. The headline manitoba may not left out of covert nineteen. Vaccine program are going directly to manufacturer's the leader of the manitoba federation is so concerned as people are being excluded from the provinces covert nineteen immunization program that he's going straight to the source and asking manufacturers to sell him doses m. f. president david chartrand says he sent letters to pfizer bio and tech madeira astrazeneca and even johnson and johnson according to chartrand. I'm sitting here with one hundred and twenty five thousand people who are not included in the vaccine rollout by this province so i'm pleading with these pharmaceutical companies. Give me a chance. We are truly desperate so we talked about how the guidelines amount of twelve only seem to apply to first nations. They don't specify mateer. Anyway which is why. Chartrand is is upset. Pallister said he would entertain reducing the eligibility age for if it could be demonstrated they are at greater risk of experiencing more severe outcomes. Do co. vid it as first nations leaders did it. Chartrand said we've got the data we've shown you that that can see why they may not have a concern in manitoba because in all berta may first nascent anyway may t- are all like getting vaccinated by age group. So if you're over sixty five. Living in. I know i community or may t- settlement which t- settlements are kind of unique to alberta. You're you're in the first phase of the vaccination reload after the healthcare workers and therapists Long-term staffing long-term care facility so alberta surprise surprise. Maybe i should be this. Disparaging province is as as identified indigenous people as a vector that needs to be vaccinated with priority. Yeah i completely agree with the Incident that may maintain people are included elsewhere any when people are included elsewhere so it does seem to be a a huge oversight and and oversight is being too generous i think just another example of the pallister government's carelessness indifference to indigenous people. It's it's it's really bizarre to me that this is even an issue. Well yeah i think he. I think is correct that the data does support what he is saying about. The health conditions and outcomes of mickey people in manitoba whether or not going to the manufacturers is gonna do any good that's maybe just more publicity than anything else because that's that's that's even happen. They make deals directly with the nations. Not with the unfortunately. Not with the manitoba. Med federation though. I think it would make a really nice statement about indigenous sovereignty if they did. I think that's I think it's a hand. He has to play because he's got to assert that but I mean it's funny. Pallister himself to talked about going directly to manufacturer's as well for doing his own source i knew premier done and i thought it was him. Yeah and also see kennedy also mentioned that as well so you know. I guess it's a playbook but but be does it may right but i think i think it is basically a stunt by the math. But it's there's nothing wrong with stunts if it works if it gets attention to the issue right and let's pivot now but under under the same umbrella of you know looking at just how much control and capacity indigenous governments actually have when it comes to safeguarding their own health. I'm looking at an article from march twenty seventh of last year when southern chiefs organization in manitoba. Well let me just quote from the from the article. A manitoba chiefs organization wants the federal government to allow cuban doctors into canada to help first nations deal with the covert nineteen pandemic southern chiefs organization. Grand chief jerry. Daniels set a letter would be sent formerly asking prime minister justin trudeau to allow cuban healthcare brigades into the country to provide medical aid to first nations. Daniels said half of his organizations thirty four member. New snobby and dakota communities want the doctors to help them deal with the pandemic us hoping to see them on the ground within the next two to three weeks. Well what happened with that exactly. basically i mean the quick. Some is deputy prime minister christa. Freeland said we're good. We don't need such folks as according to a follow up article from abc news. Freelance at canada has enough medical resources to deal with the covert nineteen pandemic without international help quote canada's healthcare system has the capacity to deal with this extraordinary challenge so the matey wanted to deal with manufacturers directly for vaccines first nations in manitoba wanted to deal directly with cuba to bring on board the supportive doctors as they've been sent around all over the world. I don't know how familiar you are with the cuban health Brigades brock As as someone who has an interest in in latin america. But they've been sent to venezuela nicaragua jamaica suriname grenada. They went to italy a quote unquote western country or wealthy or developed country. So they they've been everywhere man but apparently they don't belong in canada this despite let me. Just throw this in there. drips article twenty three. You remember andrea right..

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