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Mattia Raimondo Avenida junior, aka Perez Hilton is perhaps the most well known celebrity and gossip writer of our time. In the mid audits, he became famous. Well, some people might say infamous actually because of his blog, press Hilton dot com where he wrote about the latest exploits in scandals of Paris, Hilton Lindsay, Lohan, and the like his signature style also included giving celebrities nicknames that they probably didn't like a lot. Here's a clip of him. Naming some of these on the Jimmy Kimmel show in two thousand and seven. Jessica Simpson, you call jugs jugs. Brittany spears is she's a hot mess. Hotman I call her a lot of other things. Kirsten Dunst kinky drunks pres- Hilton was also known for the drawings of genitalia that he would put over the pictures of celebrity. That he posted would Peres does, and I'm assuming that's not your real name is he draws penises on people's faces, but he came true when he began to out gay celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and clay Aitken. Is that true? The rumor that you're gay? Ask clay. I'm sitting on the cake and Sal. Still, none of this deterred people from flocking to his website with its signature hot pink color scheme at its peak. It received seven million views daily. Now at a time when we have the first quote reality, television president, it's illuminating to talk to someone who was instrumental in the rise of reality TV show stars and who in fact was part of establishing a kind of bullying rhetoric that's common now, not just in social media, but also in our politics. So today, Chris Hilton speaks to me about his Latino identity. His regrets and what comes next for the Cuban-American info -tainer. Thank you for speaking to us on the USA. Oh, I'm so happy to him a fan of the show. It's truly a really special moment for me to be on this with you and to be able to hopefully inform enlighten your audience as to who I am enlighten. So pres- actually is a word that you would apply to yourself and to the work that you've done in the past in the past? I used to do things a lot differently than I do now. But yeah, I would use that word lightened. Even back then, even though I would say I was definitely diluted, but in my mind, I was saying, well, I'm just shining the light on celebrities behaving badly and those that get it. Right. Well, let's let's go back to the beginning. Sure. So you grew up in Miami, your mom and dad? Both of them were born in Cuba and I think that they left Cuba with like seriously, nothing. So tell us a little bit about how you remember your childhood in many ways. My childhood was the opposite of what it is now. Like I would say I was not a very active participant in my formative years because my parents were more than just fine allowing the TV to be my babysitter. So since as early as I can remember when I was young, that's all I would do is just watch television and I was like a zombie in front of that screen. My childhood, I would say was very traditional normal for Miami. And I would also say that it was not easy for me, not because of anything. My parents did, but just society is a whole, you know, I was born gay. I've known. I was gay since I could remember. And I grew up in a Latino community. I went to an all boys Jesuit school from sixth grade through twelfth grade, and back in the nineties people weren't out. And I remember vividly eleventh grade my theology teacher said something to us about homosexuality. She said, you know, studies say that one out of every ten is gay, and I'm like, wow, that's so progressive hurt or even knowledge that and then immediately after. Words, this teacher said, but chew. Boys are not like other boys. And not only was I struggling with being gay and in the closet. But I also grew up very fat. I would eat my rice and beans and steak me because EEO all of that and my mom's idea of us being healthy back then was giving me a salad of iceberg lettuce with tomatoes and Megan as that's what she thought was healthy. I have seen your your mom. On your different channels and social media..

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