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O R. It's a pleasure to welcome to the program. One of the guys I have the most fun working with over the years. He is NBC's superstar our broker out with a new book. You look so much better in person. Shoe stories of absurdity and success. Hey, al, What's up, kid? Hey, How's it going, dude? Saw good and to show you what a good friend you are on. I'll tell Michael this. You know you're on the today show right now. And you told Savannah and Hoda Screw that. I'm going on the radio with one in Michael. Well, truth be told. I'm off today Might by nine o'clock I would be on the third hour today with Chanel, Dylan and Clegg. Again off from that as well. Alright, So you blew my whole setup. But let me ask you about your book because it's a day off and there's nobody I'd rather talk to you and Mike. Wow. What a good deal. Let me start off by ask first about the book. I mean, people assume the book gets into the ridiculous things people might say to you when they come up to you, you know, like when they come up to me and say Hi, Marv. You know, thinking on Marv Albert, I'm sure you've got dozens of examples like that. Oh, well, That's why the title of the book is every day literally every day when I would go to the window before the pandemic. Obviously, I'd say hi, How are you? Oh, my gosh. You look so much better in person. And you know, I work on TV. So it's not so much of a compliment, but I, but I've had people call me Willard. You remember Chauncey? How people Sure. Yeah. So Al, one of the things about your book that I like, and this reminds me of something that Harvey Fire sting, the actor said to me. No, he told me once, he said, you always have to say yes. And see what happens Because if you say I know nothing happens Exactly. And you know what that would Michael to one's never spoken because and that's why I know another power. Say yes, but no one to say. Ah, yeah, I've I've been very fortunate Now. I've got to say yes to some amazing, uh in your world when when they asked me to do waitress and Yeah, I was going to say no. And my daughter Leela is at LaGuardia performing on musical theater subject. How do you say no to Broadway? And I thought my chief. Absolutely right. Why would I think that, you know, so I've just been very well. I've been very fortunate to be neck and they're very fortunate to sit next to great people like Mr Berman like Chuck and soon You know, you go down the list. I mean, I've done well, because I have been positioned. Well, well, you know, right, but you know, Well, since you said yes to Broadway, I hear the Fran and Barry Weissler, the producers of waitress. They're planning a revival of hairspray and they want you to play Edna Turnbull. Yeah, I know. I've always wanted to do that roll now, since the title of your book is a partially true stories of absurdity and success, give us give us something That's just the most absurd thing that's happened. Well, you know, back in my Cleveland days. Uh, two. Crazy things have one had an anchorman who's now it gives color and one night after the news. We were Cleveland wasn't a great downtown spot that there was an older homeless gentleman used to roam around and one night he came up behind our anchor and box him in the back of the head with a rolled up newspaper and then ran off. On the next day, Just telling everybody how you know he was assaulted in mud and we jump ahead to the six o'clock news and his co anchor. His wife, Mona is about to introduce me and he stopped her on the air Live. Mona, I have to stop appreciating. Oh, I don't know if you're aware that last night after the 11 o'clock news, one of your people attacked People like time. Time stands still. What do I do? And I look at Doug one in the world. Would a weatherman attack you and then just switchboard lit up. You got demoted and finally left another news director. They've got to remember. This is in the late seventies before reflective lenses. I was the only one on the set wearing glasses and the lights were reflecting and my news director said, You know what we're going to do When a painter have you go get contact, and then we're going to the lenses out of your class. Now this is back before you know, the ultra thin contacting these were glass and my eyes. Just take him on blinking like crazy. And of course, that first night, people call again wanting to know is our broker sending secret messages. He wearing glasses that I have no legs. Oh, boy, back to the other one. We're up against the clock. Always great. Soft. You have an open invitation to come back any time lenses or no lenses. Come on back. Thanks. How seeing hair spray out? Neighbors book is Ah, You look so much better in person. True stories of absurdity and six I've been with him when people have said some absurd things, and it's it's a trip. Hey, let's get the latest news with an update on the market. Here's Joe partner. Good Morning, Joe. Morning Land, Michael. Hey, there's still over 100,000 residents of the Tri State area without power from last Tuesday's storm, Believe it or not, Long Island has about 45,000 without juice. The worst is Connecticut 90,000 people in Connecticut without power. New Jersey outages down to just a few 1000. Now the utility companies say, Oh, we're getting there. Don't worry, we'll get you. The Ah A heat wave also is goingto play a role here because the next couple of days the temperature is going to be really hot in the nineties, so I bet you people really would like that air conditioning back on real quickly. Number of shooting victims has surpassed 1000 in the city this weekend. That's more than all of last year, and among those on the list, a 36 year old Bronx man shot and killed he inadvertently flicked a cigarette in the direction of a guy who had a gun. And he was shot and killed. And and district attorney's offices drop felony charges against the Black Lives matter leader who was accused of assaulting a police officer. After a now angry crowd chased off the NYPD team sent to us Aces out. I don't be heard this one land Friday. They went to arrest this individual crowd gathered outside the home of Derek Ingram. This was in Manhattan and the police. OK, I guess we won't do it. They left. Hey, eventually turned himself in. But now the D A has dropped the charges from felony assault in the second degree, two misdemeanor assault. The PBA president Pat Lynch, is He's apoplectic, blasting the decision to drop the charges against the person who is the leader of an activist group that has been, you know, organizing a lot of these rallies and causing problems and then his..

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