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Experts are calling this outright rage hypocrisy how many do on a senegalese analyst with us that think tank laugh wreak daisy days said quote ordinary people aside everyone knew about this governments international organisations political leaders unquote yoon team amnesty international's west said directors said quote hostagetakings violence toward your and rape were well documented in libya and we've been talking about slavery for a long time unquote un rights chief is aid ride alhussein said quote the international community cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the unimaginable horrors endured by migrants in libya unquote in september the agence france presse reported on a gambian migrant who had returned home to warn young people not to attempt to get to europe he told afp about his experience saying quote we were taken to various pharmacies were the libyan guys sold as slaves we worked on the farms for free unquote we hear at world view reported that story in april the international organisation for migration reported the existence of markets where migrants became commodities to be bought last summer the head of doctors without borders joann new but it open letter to european governments warning of the thriving kidnapping torture and extortion business in libya she asked to quote in their efforts to stem the influx our european governments ready to pay the price for rape torture and slavery we can't say we didn't know about this unquote analysts tummy duan said a passive response from african leaders was in part to blame for the unfolding disaster he said quote this cannot go on faced with crime against humanity you don't condemn it you unquote since the scandal broke right has offered to take in thirty thousand africans from libya according to the afp migration commissioner dimitrius ever mapa le's said on thursday that the eu was quote working without let up to find solutions these shares president mahamadou issoufou propose that several slavery be on the agenda at an eu african union summit next week completing at long journey from a monarchy to a federal republic the people in a nepal today began the first phase of voting for national and provincial assemblies in the first parliamentary polls since 1999 second phase of the election will take place december seventh the poll voted in two thousand eight for a constituent assembly which doubled as a parliament to.

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