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Espn hi what's up. What's up man. So i first of all first time caller me love you long time listener I i'm calling 'cause maize kind of man seta chiloe because i get it. I get what you're saying but not really because we lost the title two years ago because of cheating so like what are we gonna do lose the title again if it we on. We jumped on late again and do it. You know what i mean like. Here's a pissing me off. So i read the article the version of the story. That's in the houston chronicle and basically it's pointing at the dodgers and saying see. You guys are cheaters. That pisses me off don. We better do it now. We have to do it like what we're going to title and then say all your and complain about it like what. What's the consequences look to. The astros would still vital and so what happened. Not sf on the risk that ramiro. I'm with you and thank you for the phone call by the way mace would compare this to and somebody tweeted this. Let me give the person credit that weeded for this james harden bates the officials into colin fowles does all right and you act threes winds up at the line. Yeah you can either give them a taste of his own medicine and do it too or just live with the results and give him that advantage. I think most teams adjust because they know the rest of their do. It is james harden cheating now. He's fees exploited. Something knows he knows. The officials will or won't call. That's the same thing the dodgers are doing. Is it an illegal. Substance is it. Will everybody's doing it so it's the everyone's doing it argument. Yeah that's that's the way. I put this in my head so it doesn't continue to bother me exactly. It's like driving on the freeway if everybody's going seventy five or speeding if you're right in the middle of the flow following the flow of traffic exactly. Here's davis here's david in lakewood. Hey you're on seven ten. Espn how's it going guys said it's my first time caller man big fans of you guys just show man ano problem and so I do have a little bit of problem with calling. The dodgers cheaters The first problem i have is that You know you guys are saying everybody's using it. Trevor bauer admitted that Players were using this three years ago. So the substances have been known to be around The second part about it is if manfred got such a big problem with the substances being used. Didn't have a problem with the balls being juice. 'cause look at all the rates the home run rates going up. I look at it as combating something knowing that the the the balls had been juiced right. Well there's no question this year. I mean ireland asked a few weeks at what. What would you do to fix baseball. I immediately said crackdown on this stuff. Because the spin rates were up. I didn't realize the dodgers spin rate was up seven percent. And somehow i think this is my look i think. Trevor bauer brought some magic goop to the dodgers called now. So you think that. This is all trevor bauer. Thanks david do. I think it's all trevor. Bauer yeah i think that trevor bauer is the one who originally called it out and then decided. I'm going to play that game. Two and we came to the dodgers. He said. I'm going to show other people how to play that game. Then how do you explain. The dodgers being number one in spin rate last year when trevor. Bauer wasn't on the team. They weren't up seven percent but they were number one of thirty games. They're up twice as much as any other team. This year right. yeah. I think it's something that we imported when we signed up with. Trevor bauer so to make it clear. I just wanna clarify here so you don't think anybody on the dodgers prior to this season when they signed. Trevor bauer you. Don't think anyone on. The dodgers was applying goop to the baseball even though they were ranked number one out of thirty in spin rate last year. Number one number one so clearly there were people doing it right but it increased seven percent. The you just say hires remember one. It was trevor bowers fall. You said he brought it here and introduces everybody. Well how are we up seven percent that is a reflection of of bauer. Like you said and of the three low spin guys going out and the three heisman guys coming in both. Those things are contributing to that. Do we know who those guys are or no. Yeah the lowest. Been guys were pedro. Baya's adam caloric and dylan floral floral. Those three guys are gone now. Those guys are gone and we added who that has has a high spin rate we added. Trevor bauer yup jimmy nelson okay. Kevon clever and alex villanueva. Yeah this is how you pronounce that. Yes okay those four those four all possible for the increase and bauer. Bauer's the main thing. Yeah i think that's what i'm saying. I think hours the main thing but right but all those guys were high spin guys before they ever got to the dodgers. Hey changes linnea question. Okay how did it go with s. l. k. When you filled in on for good climbing great yeah what were they like I mean i don't know what to say other than it was a typical radio show. Who's better what do you think is gonna. I'm gonna just point blank. Who's better or mason ireland. What do you mean by. Who's better does no. I will say they were a hell of a lot nicer to me. That's for sure you have a question. They don't really know you.

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