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Twenty rebounds. Rangers lost in overtime in Washington. Four to three Chris Kreider had tied it in the third period on the powerplay islanders lost four one. Anaheim with the Bloomberg. NBC sports update. I'm Jon Stashower. John. Thanks, and the billionaire owner of the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars has withdrawn his bid for London's Wembley stadium. Shaheed? Con says the Football Association with Jones Wembley might not be ready to part with the asset. Con made an offer earlier this year worth about eight hundred thirteen million dollars to the Football Association s and p futures down eight points at the moment, that's a drop of nearly three tenths percent. Dow futures down sixty three that's in your quarter percent loss. Nasdaq futures down twenty three points that is a drop a three tenths of one percents. This is daybreak. Good morning. Imagine. There are only three nor the white wine was left in the world. Together. We can turn things around your support to the San Diego zoo. Global wildlife conservancy helps support groundbreaking solutions. Join us now at indexation dot org. Imagine being denied an apartment because of your religion or your race or because you have children or disability. It's so wrong. Yes. But who has the power to stop this? Each of us has the power law is on your side. It's illegal for landlords to discriminate because of race color, religion, sex, national, origin, disability or familial status. If you suspect that you're experienced.

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