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The grinches dog? Mr. MAC, and I know you don't like all the remakes. But I do I would say the remake of the grant the cartoon version with Benedict Cumberbatch is actually really well done. It's a little bit different. It's more just kind of funny than dark. Did you like the one with Jim Carey? To spastic for me. Yeah. It's like watching the mask part too much. He's a he's a known over actor, right? Yes. All right. What does ralphie? This is my favorite Christmas. It's actually my top ten movies of all time. I just love it. What toy does ralphie ask Santa for a Christmas story shoot out kid, a red Ryder BB gun scene? Of course, the memes of. Him all grown up now. And it was like here. I am X amount of years later didn't shoot my. Guy. Very good looking and he makes a cameo in the movie elf. Yeah. That's right. One of the else at the mall or something like that. And he's a writer producer anyway. True or false Bill Murray has a role in the movie Christmas vacation that's false. His brother does Brian Doyle Murray his brother plays Clark's, boss. Yeah. Yeah. He's also in kaddish his brother Brian plays in a lot of movies that Bill does play. Okay. Brings his family along with him. Kevin James does the same thing. You're right. Very cool. I couldn't I couldn't remember, I know Christmas vacation. Well, but I thought he might have been in there. I just can't remember. But yeah, I know king a king of queens. Kevin James had his brother LeBron James. Very nice. They look nothing alike. But hey, we look nothing. That's true. Another sister. And we do look similar right now. All right. But yeah, here's from Christmas vacation. Wouldn't.

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