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One 50, 1100. Somewhere in there. 50 billion. Infinity infinite. He's that infinite pay per view matches. Eric and I are negotiating. I'm like one 50, 1100. One 51. 10.99. We're gonna be all night folks. Two and 99%. What? What? Oh man. All right, that was a train. I thought you were gonna say that was a treat, but. Well, it became a treat. Yeah. Sometimes out of this shit. It comes a diamond. Sometimes you find that piece of corn on top of this shit sundae. And I'm spent. All right, fade questions. Bobby, the Mark soy dam is Vince going to be like the boss from Ted with the dude that attacks Seth. That took guts. We need guts. Maybe. Yeah. He might be getting a contract as we speak. Right. Yeah. Mark Carver, what's wrong with wrestling, 2021, award winner for the year. Becky at Survivor Series, bottom left a couple times. Yeah, that could be best dressed for the year. For sure. Ryan gooch, Patreon bracket idea, what's wrong with wrestling best of have the listeners submit their favorite bits from the show? Real Saudi Arabian, who are you, pizza, Eric sing Triple H's theme, could be fun. We've had this brought up before. I just feel it would be weird for us to vote on our own things. Right. Like for a bracket. I mean, maybe we could do some sort of fan vote where they were like the fans just vote for everything. I mean, we do that. We did that last year with the end of the year awards. Yeah. Maybe we could do something like that. Chris dipper and random question totally unrelated to raw. Have you ever wanted to tap that ass so bad, you jump a guardrail and attack her baby daddy? A couple times, yeah. I mean, I'm just close. Close. Ryan Hensley should Vince keep the egg in his lockbox that way no one will ever find it. Oh yeah. You really should. That's one of the biggest mysteries of WWE history solved. I have the key to the lock box. Okay. And it's gone. I guess we'll never see the Nazi memorabilia that Vince has. Joey poof, what's tougher to watch, Ross centering around a goddamn egg or the New York Jets contraband quarterback controversies? There's no controversy. They all suck. Han's the moment hard would be interesting to start predicting what you think the grade of pay per view will be ahead of time. IE day one was a D minus, but we predicted it to be an F so good job WWE sucks slightly less. I think we would all predict fs and D minuses. Yeah, I think so. We're always expecting shit. So when it's good, even when it's a C we're like, who's the same? I'm gonna say C minus right now for day one. No way. D plus. It would make more sense. That's crazy. The Royal Rumble 'cause we have expectations. Yeah. So like saying, I think the Royal Rumble is gonna be a C and then see how it actually comes out. The Royal Rumble is so hard for it to be lower than a C the best match of the year there's always a surprise. Remember when Sheamus won? Yeah, sure. But the winners lately have been good. So they're doing Seth. They are maybe they are? Sure, maybe they're due for a couple bad ones. I just mean it's hard for them to fuck that up. So I'd say like a bee. It's hard for them to fuck up a lot of this stuff, but they find a way. How about finds a way? How about two nights of mania, FF? We're giving a fuck. All right, let's see what happened. Jake baker pushed for a very thrown together tag teams forgotten feuds in the name of bran supremacy that God damn egg. That got fired that guy. Why are the egg? Brand supremacy is buried and pushed random tags. Yeah, sure. I guess. I'm here, so I watched this Sean Doc on the cock about the second half of his career. Being young on Doc on the cock, being young, I haven't watched most much of the first half of his career, so which one y'all think is the better part of his career? I think it's the second half. Yeah. You know, I mean, he was carrying WWE when he was champ for the first time in his Iron Man match with Brett was legendary, but man, the stuff he did, the matches to undertaker. You have to say the second. He came a better wrestler. Yeah. He had he had great stories. He didn't really have the great stories when he was when his first run. Mario Rizzo worst raw ever, and that says a lot, I can't even come up with a question for you guys. Fucking awful. I don't blame you. It was bad. Roll up connoisseur, bracket idea, most what the fuck did I just watch moment? Good or bad examples include Katie Vick, Mae young, birthing a hand, Stephanie and Triple H's wedding, Rollins, popping rays eye out. First fire firefly funhouse, that security lady trying to tackle Gronk at WrestleMania. If you can get a list of 32, I mean, we would consider doing it as a bracket. But then the worst moment in wrestling history. No. I mean, it would be the hand. The hand has got to be like number one, right? It's gotta be the number one seed. You think so. Yeah. For weirdest. Worse would have happened. If it's just worse moment, yeah, like Goldberg beating Kevin Owens. Well, he said, what the fuck moment? Right. If it was worse moment, the finals would be Goldberg beating Kevin Owens, going up against Goldberg being beating The Fiend. Yeah, right. Yeah. D Barry, who can gender and shanky rap battle next to their last rap was so hard Vince had to cut hit row, yep. Oh, man. Jason dear I'm with how careful WWE is from with protecting wrestlers from injury. Are you surprised they haven't banned biggie from diving through the ropes? The one that Survivor Series was his scariest one yet. I wouldn't say it's scary. There's been a few times where he's literally landed on his fucking head. Yeah. Like the top of his head. Right. You can't ban, you can't ban all the moves because that's the reason we watch it. Right. That's the part that we love, right? So you can't start banning everything. If you get ready to get hurt, there's stunt, the professional stunt, if he dies, he dies. If he dies. Kyle Fox and push fire Barry turn in the egg for a title shot. Keep the egg hitting to drive Vince crazy. Selve the egg for a hundred fucking $1 million. We'll push that. No, you get the title shot. Come on. Yeah. What do you want to be a wrestler? Something money can't fucking millionaire. Sell the egg for a $100 million then give Vince a $1 million for title shot. Yeah. There you go. I shanky. How does Rollins build on this fan attack moving forward? Oh. Yeah, I think that was I think if he comes out looking left to right every time now that would be great for a few times. Pop culture junkie, anyone catch when Sony DeVille said she interviewed every single WWE superstar from top to bottom. Exactly how many tops and bottoms did she interrogate and what method did she use? Yikes. Wow. Tell me more. No. For a try baggers. 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