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Kurt Vonnegut, Ben Wheatley discussed on Kermode and Mayo's Film Review


To do with one of the things that fantasy films always have to deal with is the seriousness of consequences that if you have a fantasy movie if you have a world in which you have any form of alternate reality or anything that moves away from physical what one of the things that filmmakers have to do is to convince you that things that happen in this world have consequences have reversible consequences because that's the kind of dramatic weight of any situation and i think that's always a battle i mean it's interesting if i think for example about of just been making television program this is slightly of thing but about time traveling movies and one of the things that we've talked about is leisure which of course is the basis for twelve monkeys and one of the reasons i love legiter is that leisure is a movie about time travel but it's actually a movie about the the immutability of time it's a movie that begins and returns to the same point and what it is is that during its narrative you just see that same point from a different perspective you've seen twelve monkeys so you know the story monkeys remaking leisure to a long time ago no but you know but you know it's it's a film it begins and ends at a certain point and i think it deals brilliantly with idea that the that the world that you're in may be flexible in ways that you wouldn't expect but actually is inflexible that you know that and this idea that kurt vonnegut explore and certainly when you're sitting there for about any fantasy universe the thing that you have to do is have to make it feel consequential you have to make it feel like there are great emotional and physical things at stake and i have to say that i lost that i didn't feel that i'd now i know that that that partly something which is sort of built into the dna of the source material itself anyway but i did feel myself i was reminded of the ben wheatley thing about what you actually want is the you know the dang of somebody getting their their fingers trapped in a car door something that is tangible and real and definite as opposed to great big lodge.

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