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Police round here blocking traffic on Rockville Pike for some reason, unbeknownst to people here at the scene, President Trump and his motorcade then drove by We could see the president waving to the crowd on the corner here of the motorcade did a left on the center drive and then made its way back onto the grounds of the hospital. But the president was out here for a brief time saying hello to his supporters outside. Walter Reed, Ken Duffy. W T. OBY News Ah federal judge blocked the deportation of a man detained by ice. Who was taken into custody on the grounds of a local church. 52 year old bins are SIA Han was at Glenmore United Methodist Church in silver Spring, where he lives with his wife and two Children when he was detained by ice last month. Immigration authorities generally avoid enforcement on church grounds. Friday, a federal judge blocked his deportation back to Indonesia. SIA Han will remain in custody while his attorney works to reopen his case and seek asylum on the grounds he will be tortured for his Christian believes in majority Muslim Indonesia. In the U. S. More than 40. Immigrants live on the grounds of houses of worship from just three in 2015. Melissa how w. T O P news amid continuing racial justice protests, one CEO was calling for leaders in business and elsewhere to beam or engaged person are necessary dichotomy. It's been set up between purpose and profit. It's not either purpose or profit. It's both John Mackey, CEO and founder of Whole Foods and co author of the book Conscious Leadership, says We need more thoughtful leaders in all aspects of our lives. I know there's better ways to lead and were generally seeing in corporations and all through America. We need more conscious leader is not just in business, but we needed in government we needed in our educational system we needed and healthcare systems we needed in our military pretty much needed everywhere. Andrea Cameron. W T. O P News Thie annual tribute to fire fighters who died in the line of duty was forced to move online. This is America's tribute to fallen firefighters. Presented by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. W T. O P S Hillary Howard was thie introduction to the online event. Howard County's Nathan Flynn, who died two summers ago, was featured in the tribute as they entered the first floor. Nate fell through the floor. He worked hard to get out. He followed his training. Unfortunately, we were unable to get to him. Also honored was DCs Alex Graham, who died of a heart attack last year at the age of 48. The annual event is usually held in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Some sectors of the local economy are struggling. But that's not the case when it comes to home sales home sales in seven out of 10 local jurisdictions air up at least 20% last week in and around El County sales were of 97% from a year ago. What's driving all this? Besides record low interest rates? Just a desire to Get the right kind of house. Cory Ber with TT are set ABI's. If they're going to be at home, they might as well be in a place that when they're not dealing with zoom calls are going into the office. I really enjoy it. Many homes are being sold within days.

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