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Your name Kenney says more than thirty three thousand people received twenty three million dollars in cash property last month again claim it dot CA dot gov. The popularity of east scooters is growing in cities all over the state. They can be convenient. They can be fun. They could also pose a danger. That's why legislation is being introduced by state assemblyman at merits to Suci. He says he understands the public's concern for one I've had my own experience as I think many people have had of being startled by east scooter zoo by them on on a sidewalk. And of course, people need to know that they're not supposed to be writing those on the sidewalks. The Bill would require cities and counties to adopt safety rules before east scooters and other shared mobility services are offered it would also require companies to provide minimum insurance to protect writers as well. As predestines in case there is some kind of injury. Bike lanes in L A county sin could be getting a big safety upgrades zip go bike lanes with the painted striper known as a class to bikeway, but those with vertical protective barriers are considered a class four LA county. Supervisor held us Elise says she wants most county bike lanes to be transformed into class four bike ways, we maintain about forty six miles of class two bike lanes in unincorporated areas, and then we have another thirty four of those bike lanes that are currently in design. She says it doesn't cost a lot of money or take a lot of time to make the improvements. And it's a lot safer. I think that's really important because right now class two bike lanes offer little in terms of safety. Board of supervisors has asked public works officials to see if it would be feasible to make the upgrades. They have three months to report back to the board Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy.

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