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Energy for Tuesday. Another big match night in Concacaf. Is this the right decision? By Greg, we're halter. It seemed like it after that saving the first time. It was a trickier thing. I think it was. It was Chucky, had that fantastic opportunity there. And you saw some of those dangerous counters. And I thought, for sure, when I was seeing that counteract all right, guaranteed opportunity right here for Mickey to get a goal here. And as we see right there, even Edson Alvarez had an opportunity early on. I didn't think that AdSense would have an opportunity on target here, but really tested here. I thought maybe that would be the opportunity for me to grow up one nothing, but well done to him because it was incredibly impressive. And I was also, I mean, I don't know the exact details about the difference between Stefan and Turner. I know that Turner has been a little bit more informed. I know that Stefan has had nearly as many minutes, but it seemed like it was the right it was the right opportunity here to give him the chance here and really stepped up. Do we think he'll rotate back? Or do we think this is it? I don't know that this is it. I don't think it's that type of situation with. I'm just saying for the time being. I'm not saying forever, but I'm saying for the foreseeable time. I guess my point would be, I think he starts against Jamaica. I don't think that guarantees him to start in the first game in January. Should ever be, yeah, like a first guaranteed. I do think he is preferred by burr halter. I think berhalter prefers him. And I think I understand that. I think there are some things where because we're not seeing Zac as much, you forget the ability that he has to make those types of saves. And that he is, I think, an elite shot stopper. And then I always felt the biggest difference is the way burr halter wants to play, which is with the ball at the goalkeepers feet to be able to play out of pressure at times. They got into trouble. I can think of one time where the U.S. got into trouble trying to build out of the back. But otherwise, Zack made you actually played long quite a bit a little bit safe more than anything, which I think from the team perspective was something that was very clear after what had happened in the past early in matches, especially against Mexico and just kind of being a little bit more pragmatic at times, but then also when there were opportunities they did try to build. So I think he was I think he is preferred by burr halter and I think right now, performances like this, back up reasons why. I also think the personnel matters a lot and walker Zimmerman and miles Robinson just aren't really comfortable on the ball. And in a game like this, you can see it, maybe if Chris Richards is your lockdown starter and John Anthony Brooks is in and out. Maybe that changes things a little, right? You can trust them to play out of the back. You can just have Turner play quickly when they split wide. And he's less needed in possession, but this game was multiple times where Zimmerman was in a call to sack and it was, okay, just hit a long ball down the line or play it back to Stefan and Stephan had some really good moments. He broke lines on the ground one time under pressure straight up the middle of the field in a really good moment..

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