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Trump directed Rudy Giuliani to smear his political rival. Donald Trump fired an anti corruption ambassador. You're who stood in his way. Donald Trump withheld three hundred ninety one million dollars in aid that was essential to Ukraine and Donald. Donald trump withheld a White House. Meeting and less Ukraine's president would do him a favor in this scheme. Donald Trump was not an incidental player. He was the central player and anything we don't know about what Donald Trump did is because donald trump continues to this moment to block us from knowing Donald Trump used his office to abuse his power to re elected himself. Barb mcquaid what did you make of that summary of the case against Donald Trump. I thought congressman swallow did an excellent job of summarizing the case. They're just did in the questioning in yesterday's it's hearing where he asked the Council for the Democrats in a similar way. He asked a series of questions all of which elicited the same same answer. You know who was it. who hired Rudy Giuliani to smear Joe Biden president trump? Who Was it who withheld the president trump? Who has it who withheld the White House meeting eating president trump and so focusing that this was not a rogue Rudy Giuliani? This was not underlings at the State Department. This was president trump utilizing. His is office to put his own personal political interests ahead of the interests of the country. And I think when you frame it that way it really makes the question of impeachment a very compelling telling one Lisa graves we heard a vast array of irrelevant things thrown into the mix by Republicans. Tonight my favorite included D- dragging in Robert Deniro and Kathy Griffin and complaining about how the President of the United States has suffered so much watch including negative things said about him by Robert Deniro and Kathy Griffin. It's harder that that to me is the best description of the emptiness of the defense case that we were hearing tonight. I think that's right in one of the things that really struck me is just how little Republicans have to say. They were subdued tonight but they lied and they continue obviously for this president and the idea that this president is so thin skinned that they're lament is over him being insulted when he the insult. So many people on a regular basis is astonishing to me but also in in that way think denigrates the importance of this matter. This is about our democracy about our or constitution and those Democratic senators in that committee or Party. Democratic Representative Committee spoke so eloquently about the evidence the only evidence we have before us is compelling testimony under oath showing time and again all the support for this. NPR these impeachment a piece. Because it's clear there's evidence substantial substantial evidence to impeach the president and the president has mounted no defense and his allies have basically just continued to skate and try to misdirect the American people and Iran claimed. It didn't seem like with your experience in the way. These hearings are organized. It did seem like there was an organizing principle in the Republicans approach tonight because totally and I really mean mostly just the volume part of it and the lack of emotion in it was unusual for them. They quieted down They kind of rushed through their statements. They they weren't leaning very hard on any particular part of this Jim Jordan was not not a memorable entry. Even in this discussion tonight. And that seems like a coordinated decision of some. Yeah I think from their perspective. They're trying to make AAC what happened over on the Senate side Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the. I report the news of the day but I think Lawrence that's going to be a very very failed effort. I mean we've only had a president get to this stage of the impeachment process four times in the two hundred and thirty your history of this country and nothing that happened today. The Senate Judiciary Committee is is going to change the historic nature. What's happening in the house? Tonight change the historic significance of the houses action move towards impeachment and certainly none of in any way shape or form relevant to the conduct houses looking at today so I think they've got a very tactical approach here for a very historic moment. And I think they've missed the mark once again very badly. Jill do expect the Republicans to continue with this particular with this strategic approach of just. Let's let's do this kind of in a muted and quiet way and rush through it as much as we can. I don't see what choice they have. They don't have any exculpatory evidence. If they did they would have presented long ago. So if you can't argue the facts and I wrote an op Ed in Doc Tober with sixteen of my Watergate colleagues and we basically predicted where we are. We said the Congress shouldn't wait that there is a prime facial case that that means there's a case in plain sight for all to see and that was long before we had the hearings with live witnesses testifying to what Donald Trump himself had done putting it right in his hands. It's just like the June twenty third smoking gun tape. Jill one banks Barbara mcquade. Lisa is a great for unclaimed. Thank you all for starting off tonight. And when we come back today congressman. Jim Jordan was invited to attend a luncheon in the Senate with all of the Republican senators presumably to discuss the defensive Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial congressman. Jim himes joins US next to explain what Jim Jordan doesn't and seem to know about the evidence against.

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