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A free. Scooby doo. 'nother thing with with with detective Pika chew man with detective Pika chew. What they've done is. They've they've they've created a universal world that caters to the to the design of these characters as you were saying, you know, this more characters in there. So what they've done is. They've created a world. They didn't try to create our world have another cartoon character exaggerated carrot to come in. They've changed where we're Pok Mon eight exist, which means that they could change the rules of it. And yeah, they change us around little bit people complain about the for of of Pika chew. But people don't like people don't like that. But it's still still I love it, man. I I like it. it even with sonic. The fact they made him furry. I'm sure it's it's people off them like this tell you watching him. He's a hedgehog. We what what are you going? But what they do is they sign it into like pretty much trying to cram it into our world. They can bend the rules of a world that they create and these characters look almost just like the ridge designs. Sure, they can be exaggerated. They can be very cartoony. They don't have to make the to realistic because this is a fantasy world upon itself. Right. That's why Roger every word exactly a world where humans tunes coexist with focus too. And with that what they can do here is that because they can bend the rules of this world and do anything they were able to actually have it represents the game a little bit more. They didn't have to try to like four stuff in there. And yet having represent exactly what it is at all these moments in here with feels like that is Pokemon Pokemon brought to the real world. But yet not our world. I'm sorry, man. I know you're not excited. Good to know. I can't wait, man. Just not super excited. But I tell you. That's the way sign it could've worked. You know? Why I try to like do this comedy? Buddy thing where you know, make make a world where don't make a world where you four sonic into live action. Make a world where sonic will fit make a world where you know, the whole platforming in the rules will fit, you know, wing time fall. Requires the script, man. Rendering either probably some money. Yes. But But this. this. The world of sonic. That is great. I don't know how to bring it in. But you know, it's crazy. Doesn't make it makes..

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