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A great marketing a conscious effort Cisco I've never seen it but the girl in my office BBM compass she once did some artwork for protecting what she found out how could he was she told me about a call Eric have a meter that they would look I'll be at a corner table facing the door and telling her he wouldn't I'll call you back later bye nine this first portion of the adventures of Philip Marlowe with the August lion Gerald more you know this show S. you can hear its high production values there was a full orchestra great writing great producer in Norman McDonnell also brought us gun smoke greater great actor in Gerald more and you hear the quality and maybe that's why it had the largest listening audience because it was such a top quality show data with the Raymond Chandler obviously the creator of the character this was a you know this was like sort of like the equivalent of suspense or you know in that genre or locks theater in the in the movie genre this was the top detective show on the air Sam spade another one where they had the full orchestra and Philip Marlowe is a regular on our classic radio club it's I always ice I pick ten shows every month as you know Roger being a classic radio club member and Lisa every single month I choose ten shows and I always look at what are the top shows with the best quality were the best actors best directing best writing this month in the July in the July there is we we put a I asked a tremendous tremendous episode of suspense zero hour are you familiar with that episode of suspense sure yeah Ray Bradbury wrote it well one of the I I knew Ray Bradbury we work together great got tremendous man such a great guy and he wrote so many sci fi stories but that one it's not as most famous one is most famous obviously is Mars is havin or Martian chronicles but zero hour which is in the July batch of shows is in my opinion one of the scariest and most interesting sci fi stories ever written so that's what I do I go through this collection of a hundred thousand master recordings and and send ten of these every month to our members right classic radio club members and a Philip Marlowe is is on there a lot you can get the shows via digital download every month or you can get them on five CD's and they're always different shows every month you'll never get a duplicate show there's never anything edited out of them and we have a one dollar for the first month feet it's only one dollar the first month and it's not a club where you join and you're hooked into it right if you don't want to continue as part of.

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