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Connection dot com slash bed contracts today. Here's some news I thought would never happen. The Arlington Memorial Bridge is actually reopened. What it's been years of construction. What a miserable time. That was. Apparently it's all over. Let's talk to John Gonzales of ABC seven W. J Lie about that very thing, John. Good morning. Hey, guys. Good morning. Yes, amazing. The Feedback I got on. You know this weekend on this story People really loved this bridge. Yes, well, it's on some of that is finally done this construction have. I haven't been down to see the Arlington Memorial Bridge fully reopened yet. How does it look? Have you seen it? It looks great. I mean, you know if you don't know what you're looking for, it doesn't really look that different. To be honest. One gentleman of you are asked me this weekend. If the Lions statues are still at the beginning of the bridge on the D C side, And yet none of that has changed. Aesthetically. It looks the same, but it's the lanes on the sidewalks. That you'll notice. Uh, different and the bottom line is this rehabilitation project wasn't really about making it look prettier. It was about making it safe because this bridge was In bad shape. It was deteriorating. I mean, there was a time when the National Park Service was, you know, telling the federal government unless we get some fun. We're going to shut this thing down permanently. And you're talking about a 90 year old. Iconic bridge with granite that you know dates back to, you know, decades. I mean, 100 years, but it's not just an iconic bridge, a landmark But it is really a large component to traffic in D. C. It carries about 68,000 vehicles a day. Amazing Now you 227 million for a rehab project. So you said we won't see a lot of what was done. But we'll know that it was safer. I wasn't when they got in there. And you know, as often happens with these projects, and they start to rehabilitate things where they start to replace things like you're talking about the granite. That's so old, etcetera. Did they find out that it was worse than they had thought it was. Is that why it cost 227 million? It was worse and most of the changes you have to be under the bridge toe. Look, um, you know about a decade ago, you had the incident with the bridge in Minneapolis. That that collapsed. I believe that was about a decade ago, and that's when talk really started in different cities. Hey, how's our bridges? You know how What's the condition of our bridges and this bridge was our top five. You know, on the top five list in D C of bridges that needed major work, major rehabilitation on Do you know it was what? You were saying it. It feels like it was a long time. Two years and 227 million, But it was reopened Friday and David Bernhardt, the security of the interior, ceremoniously reopened all the lanes. On Friday, a little pomp and circumstance. But, yeah, it's definitely a bridge that we love to see back up and running and is definitely needed. Yeah, I made that a part of my commute for years. That's a bridge right into D. C. So John, A lot of people don't realize that that one point that that bridge before other bridges closed off the spaces. Was a drawbridge. Many years ago that bridge actually would go up and down to allow boat traffic to get by. When they did the remodel this time did they take out the booth? There was there was a booth underneath the bridge. Kind of hidden away on. I wonder if it was removed in this process. I believe it's still there. Um, but yeah, there was even talk of do we do we.

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