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Hawk net. Waiting was Alexander radical off went from forehand backhand and put it in the top shelf to nothing Dallas. Boy. Forsling saw Patrick Kane wide open on the right wing side. Nobody was there. Hey ahead jumped into the play. But hey, skin and comes back at cuts off a pass before it can get to Patrick Kane. Just doesn't get what he wants on this past the go over to Patrick Kane. And then Radulescu gets in behind the couple mistakes. They're made the pass it didn't get out of the zone. And then kinda got caught looking and didn't pick up Radulovich. He goes in and the nice little backhand moving roofs up into the top corner to nothing Dallas to thirty to go here. One. Alexander regio offense number seventeen on the season from hey skin in seventeen twenty eight of period. One Cam ward handling the puck beside the hawk net. Put it over on the left wing side for forcing Senate across the rink for secure hotline, right wing, bats it down the boards in behind the stars who Dovan playing it. They're put into the far corner Dolan del pass up to the Dallas line on the left wing for rope. A hint that he gave the puck away and secure. It took it back out of the forsling stars line down the left wing JAMA pass in front ends up on the left wing corner. Chris Kunitz there to bump it back in behind the stars net a stolen Dell set it up the far side. Nice play by Murphy to pick it off right point. And sweep it in on goal and a stick save is made by khudobin up the puck to the ice. And then give it to the lies faceoff circle to his left in the Dallas zone to nothing star. Here at the United Center little low as it stands right now. Shooting the stars by one but down by a couple of the scoreboard. I also played a pretty solid road period. Blackhawks had had some opportunities now -fensive zone, but Dallas has done a nice job defensively, and they've been able to counterattack with the blackouts made a couple of mistakes, the first one was a tough break were trader Kuku blade and couldn't defend at all. All of it without their captain, Jamie. Ben. Center ice could you'll intercepts the puck tates to Seabra of stars line. Gave it a came right point backhands it in front of the net picked up by Klingberg passing Dickinson through center ice over the hawk line, left, circle shoots shoulder. Save made by ward who then lost his head gear. So I'm guessing that this one might have hit him in the headgear divvy high around the collarbone either way draws the whistle. Faceoff will be in the circle awards left. Now, the strap came off and he just dropped his head helmet came off was not a knocked off its moorings as well. Print Cedric jumped in the play and made a little drop pass the Patrick Kane at the stars blue line in the stairs quickly converged on Kane. Kane really didn't have many options and tried to throw it into the neutral zone or in the slot area. I should say was picked by picked off by the stars. And the stars go down with weight KOMO Dickinson on a two one one rush. Blackhawks get a little bit anxious here with the score to nothing. Drawn out to the left reward Sagan against Dylan Strom. Sagan is gonna be tossed out of they're going to be Alexander Radulovich to take the draw. Thirty three percent on draws is Reggie off against Dylan strong right around fifty percent and Radulovich wins into Klingberg top of the right circle. Put it in front sagging. Choose back can't turn why blah blocker save from ward. That's a set play. By the Dallas Stars. The Blackhawks did not pick it up and Sagan walk rate in grad off to the right circle. Feted in front ice play by Gusta Gustafsen to slap it away to home up the left wing to center ice, then became entangled with zuccarello guerrilla went down charging into the hawk zone to the right circle. Bent on the right corner leaves the puck there for Tyler Sagan Sagan and lost it and escapes. But then Roger LA took it back you'll carry behind the hawk now knowing collides with Murphy, both go down to the puck chips and ahead. The break it at center ice crossing the stars wine on the right wing gave it a strong Strom. Stopping beside the circle hits the trailer on the play Keith Murphy. Rancho LA getting into what over the center ice circle. As continues the stars owned a brick and fires. Circle turned wide by khudobin Cahoon racing to try and get to the puck in the far corner was beaten to it by hasty declares to center ice. Hawks. Get it back debrincat hands it off the key shorter. The stars wine lost the handle though and second flip it to the hawk line. Dylan's secure bats at free. But Jahn Mark send it back into the hawk zone to Keith to Seabrook with nine seconds. Rick white pass occur over the star line fire into the left wing boards, kicked out by khudobin, three seconds left. Komo's got the puck behind the net. And there's more ending. Twenty minutes earned the books analysis stars will take a to nothing lead into the dressing rooms after that length of time hawks outshot them thirteen to twelve the SARS. They've found the Mark twice and. After twenty. Blackhawks made a couple of mistakes and while stars able to capitalize on them. A little bit too. Thanks us. And you get some odd man rushes coming back. Dallas boy did an excellent job of defending through the neutral zone. Didn't give the Blackhawks any opportunities always had numbers back, and they were able to counterattack Blackhawks need to do a much better job in the neutral zone. Just kinda sort things out there. Rather than as I said a couple of times rather than to reset and go back into their own end of the ice challenged the Dallas Stars through the neutral zone before they can get their structure. They've been really good disciplined as far as one that had opportunities to jump in and be aggressive on the four check. They done that when they haven't had that opportunity. They've also been really smart and positioning in the neutral zone. Not to give the Blackhawks been whited up as far as the offense side of it. Any opportunities really in that first period. There were uncontested Royal over the last month and a half. I'd like to go back and find out how many goals the up the opposition of scored. And let's just say how many scoring chances they've been able to get off of bad clearing attempts by Blackhawks players because it seems like a couple of times a game it happened. Well, fuck management is is an issue that they gotta clean up and do a better job at. It's one thing that everybody strives Ford is clean up their game and limit the the turnovers the neutral zone and a couple of times. They're just a. Bad break for the hawks. And it seems like a store against them. I always go down. Downstairs and join our guest. It's Connor Murphy. Murphy appreciate you spending some time with us.

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