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The Cape Cod national seashore announcing a fee increase for this year as protests continue following the death of George Floyd the MBTA says they won't bust officers to and far from protests and now hundreds of thousands of people from multiple demonstrations are converging on the nation's capital this afternoon calling for justice for George Floyd and an end to police brutality we find WTOP's can Duffy at Lafayette park near the White House he joins us now live I can what are you seeing right now Madison was just saying that the humanity down here in the nation's capital largest group of protesters we've seen down here in DC by car and the national broadcasting began an expected up to two hundred thousand people here and it seems like it is living up to the production we start with the group back to Capitol Hill a marching up to this area is kind of the epicenter of the explosion of demonstrations here and I'll come here if you can picture city blocks in Boston we have about four city blocks full of people I mean a complete C. humanities almost indescribable how many people are here are protesting against police brutality as used at all the calling for an end to systematic racism across the country as well but just an incredible scene here in the nation's capital and can hear in Massachusetts we found that some of the largest protest don't seem to have a clear distinct organization behind them and it just seems to be something that sort of merged out of social media is that the case in DC or is there a specific organizations that have been putting together these protests yeah we've had organizations that have been multiple marches I actually follow along with the a UTC log down here university of the district of Columbia other DNA dress the crowd actually calling for people to do more beyond these days so it's kind of the general message in transition we have seen as far as the demonstration yes they've been going on for several days but there's a change in as far as what are we gonna do now they want to know what we're gonna do with all this passion and energy to make the transformation and the change that we are seeing organization as far as the smaller marches here that almost than that than that Li gel into one and maybe on the TV screen at the people but it's really just the granular groups that just come together at the central location at Lafayette park but there is it does seem to be there's a collecting metrics wanting and can I ask what what's the situation with the curfew in DC is is there a time that all of these hundreds of thousands of people are expected well they did away with you they did have one to start this week S. B. days beat the drop the curfew and they have not made any arrests actually over the past couple of days zero the most they have two hundred that was on Monday I was actually with a group of marching in this area in the city and we got caught on a block police basically can everybody in and start arresting people one by one but a very tense situation on that day so they have since backed up with if you think of that may be provoking a more intentional violence and such so there's no curfew here in DC despite the massive amount of people here it's really interesting so the the idea is possibly police doing things like they they did just this past weekend in in Boston really happily enforcing using tear gas and things like that may be in some senses causing the violence to escalate yeah I think what happened on Monday and I was there well it was a really intense situation where they really were enforcing the curfew dangerously but they perhaps felt that maybe that wasn't the solution that's not to say the police are not following these marches we see police officers from DC calling people as as they March here but they have significantly backed off in fact in Lafayette park National Guard and secret service to disappear from the White House aides with Spence blocking people from getting to the White House so that security has ratcheted down significantly I hear in the district as far as that goes thank you so much for calling in we will continue to follow this is situation in DC and all over the country protests calling for an end to police brutality former Minneapolis police officer Derek show then accused of second degree murder now in the death of George Floyd is expected in court early next week ABC's Alex Perez is in Minneapolis so many people curious about.

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