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There is a legal overlay to those editorial decisions by the across media for example cast media cannot censor candidate speech under the communications activate lost Kerry and they must disseminate an advertisement by a candidate and they are afforded liability protection particularly for defamation when they do cable casters such as CNBC the have editorial rights over the ads that they run and they also do not have the legal protection against defamation so they have a have a little more pro active approach to regulating what they disseminate the paid ads and do not on the internet it is different the internet Facebook has editorial control over what it does and doesn't post both free post as well as paid ads and they have immunity protection under section two thirty of the communications decency act so the distantly editorial decisions are drawn not only by the editorial choices of the various media platforms the police now that added question most of the major networks have agreed to carry it the only one that hasn't is CNN more than three dozen older Boeing seven thirty seven jets have been found to have structural cracking in a part that helps keep the wings from falling off the plane a U. S. safety regulators ordered inspections of certain planes after cracks were found in psalm that were undergoing overalls it's just another safety issue for Boeing which is already facing the grounding of its newer seven thirty seven Max after two deadly crashes Boeing said Thursday airlines worldwide of inspected eight hundred ten planes following an order from U. S. safety regulators and about five percent of them had what it called findings that will require repairs airlines are under orders to inspect those certain not thirty seven seven thirty sevens for cracking in a part that helps keep the wing attached to the few slides long term mortgage rates fell this week amid continued uncertainty about the economy's outlook in fact mortgage rates have been running near historic lows that's a boon to home buyers Freddie Mac said this week the average rate on a thirty year fixed dipped a three point fifty seven percent that's from three point sixty five percent just last week and a Texas sheriff is making headlines after saying if criminal immigrants are released drunks will quote run over your children the remarks by Tarrant county sheriff bill way born came Thursday during a White House press briefing about border security way born says he knows some immigrants cross the border fleeing violence but those violent offenders come with them drilling down just a little bit at the inter county Texas it's the fifteenth largest county in the nation is this morning we had forty two hundred inmates out of that seven percent were illegal aliens and they were being held for such offenses as murder sexual assault of children there was about seventy of the hill and so and they were robbers in there and kidnappers and people who commit arson and people.

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