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And by that time we found local food marketplace in in headline about other software platforms around the country and research them and decided with that one but chanelle or on the third one that we rent so are you still on running the hub as kind of a department within the overall co off yes it's the department of the graces coop or yeah and it's just it's it's growing really slowly with the infrastructure of the store of using you know the shaded hallway the fridges that we could squeeze things in a little bit of freezer space stuff like that and eventually we got our own started meeting or figueredo truck it'll be almost two years in july none the before everybody coming and picking up and basically still the farmers coming up morning and then all the customers coming right after that to make it work and this enabled us to have separate outer receiving day and in the delivery days after that the right or l ever restaurant business customers and then are member owners can order through and they'd pick up better store i see interesting so do all of your departments within the coop get financial results you know monitored and feedbacks of the managers of the department you know somebody like him had managed the financial life of your department yeah we do we have benchmarks for every labor benchmarks in sales budget benchmark for everything department that we set when we're doing our budgeting starts in november of the previous year into we check in on all of the department leaders need up once a week and we have on ego ver over numbers even though they're not really final looks yet or anything that we can we can monitor as we go and we send be responses to labor so then with that 'cause that's i mean weren't with you know and especially going from volunteer hybrid employees to all employees right that's a big shift in terms of the labor yes yeah in so we weren't really paying attention to it and it really got us one year movie it woke us up after that and so we we monitor weekly and then we do our monthly margin reports in check ins and quarter lean in that so we definitely keep a close finger on the pool home so do you have a controller kind of person in your organization or is that amber yeah i don't even know what that is but i know what the finance person so usually yeah yeah yeah it is it is her okay got the eye in the sky looking at everything and we we are you know working to for more sustainability in that area and so we're bringing up store managers that are were responsibility over just focusing on labor you know and increasing sales and things like that so so we're working on against the snaking it a little bit we're stable not all depending on you know one person of course yeah yeah well see more that growth so what do you guys see the cheaper for the co op and for the hub so let's see i mean we've done lots of visiting exercises our membership over the years and really what comes out of it is is having our purposes to promote our local food system in service dana bottle cooperative model for access to wholesome food men so just to keep keep on doing that and and really figure out good system so that we can replicate them in different neighborhoods grocery stores for their it's like i like how you said lamont's anita had the kind of smaller footprint store because i went there while back and win really big one and this fit to the the needs of that neighborhood read right right and able to spend the accesses that way and also help our farmers gang capacity in this region so that we have food you know that we have more food security and that we have who's access and after going to the last camp in the noma sonian seeing feeds to noma and just hearing.

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