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Boston University begins giving vaccines on campus Today, The school received 500 doses from the state a swell as its teaching hospital. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will announce on Monday when shall transmit The article of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate. Carries a role in the Boston attorney wanted on rape and breaking and entering charges in Boston has now been arrested. Just five days away from the inauguration of the president elect, as well as vice president elect Kamila Harris, as we get closer to the nation's capital remains on high alert. Roughly 20,000 National Guard troops are in D. C ahead of inauguration Day after the massive storm of the capital last week. CBS is Natalie Brand has a preview of the inauguration. We're dealing with what seems to be a really Unprecedented security level in modern times. This on top of all of the road closures does it dozens of road closures across the region on We also know that this heightened security and the safety precautions extend well beyond the Capitol Hill complex. State capitals across the country have also been put on high alert for possible armed protests planned over the weekend. Despite these security concerns that the need for social distancing in a pandemic, WBC's Drew Holland tells us the Joe Biden team is still planning a celebratory inauguration celebration for President elect Joe Biden will bring out a Who's Who of musicians. Lady Gaga. I will do the anthem J. Lo, Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato and Jon Bon Jovi also going to be a part of the show and just added three guys who have never been shy about criticizing the Trump administration. Why should any teacher trust Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos done some awful things in America? And he's a really terrible person as well. Such a flagrant, toxic, narcissistic Groll John legend Bruce Springsteen. How about that? Those three just added. Tom Hanks is gonna host and we think it will be a mostly virtual show and a talented youngster with ties. The Boston will be the inauguration poet 22 year old Amanda Gorman will be reading next Wednesday in Washington, Drew Mohammed WBZ Bostick's news radio. Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins says today. A court ruling allows the prosecution of in young you to proceed. The state's going to try you on manslaughter charges in connection with the suicide of her boyfriend, Alexander or Tula. The incident happened in May of 2019 the day or total was set to graduate from Boston College judge found that use words could have caused her to lead to take his own life. Citing physical, verbal and psychological abuse during their 18 month long relationship or to his family says he was a loving son, brother and uncle. Police have offered mainstay a 12 year old girls been charged with attempted murder, accused of injuring her father in a stabbing at their home. Authorities haven't identified the girl, but you say she was taken To a youth development center, her father said to be in stable condition at the hospital. The Sun Journal reports that officers were called to that home on Wednesday morning at Auburn and found the man with stab wounds to the chest and stomach. Police say the girl also had cuts on her hands. Russia says it's going to withdraw from the Open skies treaty. Treaty allows countries to fly observation missions over each other's military facilities in a spirit of transparency, But the U. S pulled out of open skies last year and now Russia says that upends the balance of interests so it wants out too. It will take six months for the withdrawal to be finalized, but it will present a challenge for the incoming administration of President elect Joe Biden, who has said he supports the treaty. Elaine CARB, CBS News Israel is reportedly preparing a possible strike on Iran. More on that story from correspondent builds them for reports in Israel say plans are in the works to conduct a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, According to the report, Israeli military leaders have asked for plans to be drawn up for such a strike. Report comes after an ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel could attack Iran's nuclear program if the United States rejoins the nuclear deal abandoned by President Trump. I'm Bill's M.

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