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Ross Tucker Nfl, Cowboys, Winky discussed on The Ross Bolen Podcast


He's definitely innovative everything. He does like watch the game Sunday and watch all the backfield action. There's almost always somebody. Whether it's a jet sweeper fake jet sweep or what they call orbit or ghost motion where the guy actually goes all the way back behind the quarterback tight, and it's all designed to create confusion in the eyes of the second third level, guys, the linebackers and safeties. So they can't really trust. What they're seeing like watching the video that I watched some of the coking tape from behind and the Dallas Cowboys linebackers and their safety. Jeff. He they were lost, man. I mean, they were they were confused a the point where it was almost like paralysis by analysis like they're sitting there like. That kind of the bowl. It reminded me high school ran the wing p the Winky and they were replay. Where like they're looking in the backfield. And there's so much backyard action going on that you can't really tell who has the ball. And I'm convinced that on me. He's gonna incorporate some Winky concept point cats. That's what it reminded me of. I had back to my high school football days which were long ago. But that was the last time I had seen an offense that did that must that much misdirection was playing against wing team wing teams, which is an offense that doesn't really exist anymore. I just thought it was really interesting, and you know, the Cowboys I'm a Cowboys fan of watched them all season that defense and those two linebackers, especially our studs and have been playing incredibly well, and as you mentioned, they're young, and they had no idea what was going on. Now they were getting smoke. And that's the thing. Even if you just cause a split second of hesitation, that's everything man. Like everything in the NFL is the first second of the play. And if you're a step slow or you have a false step. You're dead. Dude. You're dead. Like there there you got. You you need you need to be a step fat you need to been able to eliminate. What they're going to do based on their formation. They're motion any to be able to get a jump on what they're doing. It was the opposite. I mean, they were just reacting to everything and were getting seriously smoked. It was impressive. That's the intensity that makes the NFL. So great. And even some of these games were feels like maybe we're not getting the best on the are on the field product with you know, maybe they're not competitive, and maybe the team shitty or whatever. But I'm still watching because the individual matchups the insane intensity that goes on from play to play in that starting block mentality that that the NFL has where like if you don't pop off the block the second the gun sound like you said, you're dead. That's what I love so much about it in amidst all the trash and the chaos to I love that shit. Do it really. It really is. It's it's I mean, and there's one of the cool things about like Instagram and Twitter and minds at Ross Tucker NFL, there's a lot of dudes that are now. Posting your pro like coaching tape and end zone tape. And you really like there's some blocks from Andrew Whitworth who's thirty six years old. He six six and a half three hundred and forty pound and just to see how the lettuce is. And some of the blocks he made like he threw Mike your guy Randy Gregory down in the ground. And then got up on Jeff heat safety. Like you're supposed to do that. When you're that big. Or that old? It's crazy. Ross we've already taken way more your time than we were supposed to I listen to you talk about football for literally the next several hours as you have things to do. So I won't I won't keep you any longer. Thank you for joining us as always please list off the places that we could fall you on social media gin, and the places we can hear more from you. If you would for as well, as you know, anytime happy to come on. I love it. It's always a blast. You guys are killing it. Anybody can hit me up Twitter Instagram at Ross Tucker NFL, and then I got four different podcasts. So I've got the author football podcast, which is every day. And if you're in a fantasy it's called fantasy feast if you're into gambling betting on the game. It's called.

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