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It is ready for this he had your host interesting four jet the with a recordbreaking collection and your and we agree let's go what's the radio disney sports podcast daniel and you can hear this podcast exclusively on the free sued an app before anywhere else every monday on two new first play if you've never listen to this podcast before this is the place where music sports entertainment and fun collide so if you're looking for to do to screamin' stats at each other you need to go find another sports podcast but if you're trying to have some fun with your sports you're in the right place or today's episode we've got charles woodson one of the best football players of all time he's done it all heisman trophy super bowl champ in now college football hall of famer he's talking to us about a super bowl predictions his legendary career and even his dog makes an appearance on the show coming up in part to walk the real mvp's in music and in sports parthree we've got a lot who got sports tips from charles woodson and we'll take some calls from from the best calls of radio disney sports on radio disney well if you didn't know now you know radio disney sports radio disney serious channel seventy nine or radio and the radio disney app every saturday and sunday so make sure you check us out there and before we get started got apologize my voice a little scratchy i've been screaming a little bit so much for my favorite teams the lakers and the penguins and the nfl college football playoffs so now that i got that out of the way let's get things started with the best thing i saw in sports this week it was lindsay vaughn olympic skier she's gonna be competing for the gold medal in the winter olympics next month will she hit the slopes recently in not your usual skiied tire it was a marvel captain america uniform from head to toe she looked like captain america pretty amazing 'cause you don't see that stuff on the slopes too much and i'm not sure if you can do that in the olympics but i really think she should try and maybe everybody else should and if you.

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