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To active podcast we talked about the nba. We're doing it close to midnight here on monday ninety. La clippers have done it again. They have done it again. I just don't know what to say about that team but we're gonna talk about it Joining us from oklahoma city. Where he's seen a triple digit temperature day or two in his life is royce young. You have nothing not too often. Like what pelt experiencing. That's for sure we have actually pretty relatively pleasant temperatures out here in the heartland right now. don't we royce. I got ten days of like eighty s right now. I know i'm and i'm reynaldo pelton. I flip flopped. I think we switched. I think that's what happened. So kevin pelton is joining us from his home city of seattle but is in hotel because like so many people in the pacific northwest specifically seattle. Doesn't have air conditioning. And it's one hundred fifteen degrees there this week pelton. I am so sorry. Didn't quite that high. Think portland hit like one fifteen. We were in the mid one hundred's but that like it was this morning ninety in my house. When i went back there so yeah i definitely needed to to do. This was lucky to be able to get a hotel room. Well all right well crank it up So you know the clippers we've talked about on this podcast For the last couple months for the last couple of years they are a team. That is very difficult to predict and I i wasn't you know i actually felt that the sun's hadn't played that while the last two games. chris paul and booker both were just off their games for various reasons and the fact they got the winds the winning game. Four in the winning game to mike. I thought this could have easily been a three one series in the clippers favor and had the Co i've been healthy. I thought it would have been walk. Three one but kawais not healthy and the sons are terrific and close games. They've been terrific in close games for the last three months and so they earned it you know they played really well and so come on phoenix. That arena is going freaking crazy Chris pond devon booker. Didn't up shooting percentages. Didn't end up very good but midway through this game they both were shooting the ball very well. Booker has best game since game. One and chris. Paul had his best game of the series and yet saying all that we are three to going back to. La when the clippers. Win by fourteen Paul george has arguably the best playoff game of his career with forty one points. Thirteen rebounds six assists pelton I'd like to know what your computer says about this team. Because i can't figure out. They lost vitzium zoo. botch before. The game to a knee injury They've won two elimination games on the road In these playoffs Which is just something you just. Don't see very often tie lewis ten and two in the limitation games as a head coach. I don't know man it's it's it's quite an interesting playoff. Run their heaven. Look i told you the last time. I was on which was right after they had tied the jazz series. Two but quiet suffered that injury which we didn't realize the severity of at the time that i had given up on predicting the clippers and and i don't know that i feel any differently. Now i mean i think to your point you know. It was interesting that they had the better shot. Quality according to the second spectrum data when you factor in the The players shooting in both games three in game or and I do think the suns were maybe a bit fortunate in hindsight to take three one. I still thought that coming home. They were gonna finish off the series. And though you keep weighty at some point for the clippers to deal with fatigue and and for that to be an issue for them for paul george in particular given these minutes totally logging and it just isn't but in particular tonight when cam johnson has that three point. Play it about the seven minute mark to make it a four point game. You're like okay. Sons have all the momentum had the home crowd behind him. They're gonna go on and win this game. And from that point onward the clippers outscore them eighteen to eight the rest of the game. I mean it's just a remarkable performance by the clippers. Yeah hard to keep up with fifteen or twenty shooting for crying out loud. I mean it's just it's jarring at the box score in georgia's numbers of this and you were talking about. How like how. The numbers look ended up looking pretty good for chris. Paul and devon booker wasn't bad shooting night's pretty above average shooting nights by nba standards and a lot of ways. Brian but man policy just fifteen twenty forty one points twelve fourteen onto pointers. Big shots down. The stretch pelton said that he expected. I'm not gonna act like. I was calling a clippers win here but in one part because of tyler history. I mean it's like you. I don't i don't know what's harder to beat when you're trying to eliminate them toronto and in the in his history with this is just kind of Unbelievable with what. He seems to install and his team when their when their backs are against the wall. But also i think it's just kind of like the clipper identity right now which is like such a unbelievable contrast from what we were talking about with a year ago in the bubble in how they felt like a bunch of front runners that they didn't really deal with adversity and and whatever's like whatever tight whether it was tyler or whatever you know kind of come to jesus moment they had as a team after what happened to them blowing. The three one lead themselves and their identity. Now is just like grit and toughness and paul. George is basically playing an outrageous amount of minutes. They've got wing defenders. They've got tough-minded front court guys so to me. It's really not all that surprising that they won this game. Just because i think on top of it for the sons there. Is this weird pressure to that. You feel to close out at home. And i you know they. They walked into their building up three one a chance to punch their ticket to the finals. You've got that home crowd roaring. Brian like you said and sometimes that actually can almost work against you. It's like you're you're trying to like appease the crowd and an in you kind of get distracted and what the moment is because that's what you're focused on the the end result and i'm actually not all that surprised that the clippers were able to get this. I still think the sons are going to win the series. I i think. I just the better team right now. with all the clippers injuries. But i mean that was whatever happens with the clippers they have. They have absolutely exonerated themselves completely from from everything that we said about a year ago. That's what's so difficult for the clippers to swallow about this situation. Because last year they had they had this team they. I don't know if they win it but they have a good chance to win it because this resilience and this mindset is what they lacked and you know. I don't know how the lakers would have played in. The series against the clippers will never know but you know you feel like that could have been there year. Under these circumstances this year they have the resilience and the mindset. And you know frankly a coach that seems to get more out of them and then kuwait gets hurt. You know it's just it's just It's a bad set of circumstances. They're not done though. But i mean It's a bad set of circumstances. And you know if they don't win do you think. Do you think that like. Oh sorry i was just going to say you mentioned Quiet leonard. getting her is making me. Think like paul. George has been so outrageously good and you may have something that can actually like demonstrate this. But like doesn't it seem pretty much staring us in the face. That like paul george's playing better basketball without kawhi leonard. And that's not coincidental like the offense completely flowing through him. There's the ball's not stopping the ball. Movement for the clippers is considerably better right now. I don't think that they're a better team. Without kawhi leonard by any means but like i think paul george is a better player. I mean he's definitely stepped up in the stretch. I mean we have seen as his efficiency coming guilty. They mentioned that during the broadcast. And i think that's probably a fair description of it. But when i mean i don't know if he's capable having a night like this is giddy up. He's probably twenty shot at times but is he controlling the game the way that he did tonight. If kawhi leonard is in there maybe not. I think that is fair. Look this is who paul george kind of ben for years. He's had series where he shot under forty percent for the series And his team has won the series So he has always had this Maybe he's gonna make shots.

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