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You quote. John measham approvingly. He's the distinguished professor of political science at the university of chicago. Now this is what may shamas sitting cambra two years ago here. He's talking about the consequences of china dominating the pacific you think you're going to be happy in that world. Don't think they're going to interfere with your sovereignty. You gotta come over to the western hemisphere. Go down central. America south america and ask those countries down there how they like living with the united states of america. We have a history of doing horrible things in south and central america. I'm glad from the american perspective that were john. But i'll tell you from. The perspective of our neighbors doesn't look like a happy story. And i'll tell you something you already see evidence of this. If china dominates this region. They're going to violate your sovereignty. Time after time and it's not going to be happy story you would be with us david. Wright perspective quite refreshing to be honest of course that requires us to concede that there is no moral highground that this really is just about power politics. Yom not sure. That peter is is willing to concede that. I don't think that china will soon be in a position to dominate asia. Do you think it's possible though that if we continue on the coast we're on china will try to exert more jemmy in its region my descend from missionaries to this notion. That there's just no alternative to this dog-eat-dog weld i mean. I look at america latin america. Now i don't think ordinary americans benefit from that country's bloated military budget and the resources that i spend interfering latin american politics. There are people in america who are rain that in stop intervening the country's affairs. I'm with those people i mean. That's the kind of politics that i would like to advance australia. Because they may shamas. Point would be american..

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