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Chris Gillam is an author an educator. He's written fourteen books. He's conducted research in over thirty countries. Again, he's been on with Oprah and friends and Dr Oz. Chris welcome back to the show. Thank you so much, Pat. It's always a pleasure to have a great conversation with you. Now, most of us are super busy these days. We wanna stay healthy. But quite frankly, it can be daunting. You know with all the different supplements out there. Now, Chris you've traveled all over the world learning about different natural remedies. So you really know which ingredients to look for. So tell me this besides a good multivitamin insufficient. Maybe a few other things go into three super hot nutrients. You've been so jazzed about lately. Well, I'm happy to do that, Pat. The three super nutrients as we like to say are a green tea extract, a tumor Rick extract called curcumin and an extract from red wine called raspberry trolley and apropos of what you said about my traveling around the world, I've extensively investigated these in their host countries. So I've been in the green tea plantations of China and India and worked with top researchers of this ingredient in those countries with tumor, I've been deeply involved with turmeric researchers in India and seen all of that. And with resveratrol I've worked with. Scientists in Europe and also in California and Chile and South Africa, all of which are major red wine producing areas. So I've had the opportunity to investigate these things in the field meet with the top scientists and my conclusion is that green tea curcumin from turmeric root and resveratrol from red wine are remarkable health enhancing agents that everybody can benefit from in a very very substantial way. Now, Chris let's talk about these big three. And it's interesting that they're all found in our diet and all are considered super foods, the green tea, the curcumin virtual why did you want to combine the three? There's always a method to your your madness. If I could see it that way because you combine these things together because they have a synergistic effect. They make each other work better. You call it a real game changer. Well, you know, when I look at these there actually isn't a reason Pat to put them all in separate product. They do go very well together as you said, they're all food derived. So it's kinda like you can make a salad if you choose out of many vegetables, you don't just have to have a bowl of lettuce or a bowl of cucumbers. And well, that's a little bit simplistic, the fact is that all of these are very very rich in groups of protective compounds that are both antioxidant, so they actually retard the aging process of the cells in our bodies and protect our organ systems. So they maintain a healthy inflammatory status in the body. And this is really a big breakthrough. I also like the idea that people can get a concentrated supplement of green tea extract, curcumin extract and reservoir trawl in one product with truly meaningful amounts of each one. And not have to go out and basically buy a shopping cart full of stuff. Now, let's dive into the headlines and the research, especially on this green tea because it's absolutely amazing. I know in Asia they've been using it for thousands of years for healthy aging. But what are you seeing recently in the press? I know you told me the nutrition research journal in its July twenty twelve issue revealed that green tea significantly increased plasma antioxidant activity and whole blood glutathione. Can you recap some of these headlines and tell me why you're such a green tea advocate? Okay. What you just said about increasing plasma antioxidant activity is really critical. There are many antioxidants that people consume that don't actually wind up in the body or they don't wind up in the body in any significant amount. The green tea antioxidants, which we know are among the most highly beneficial antioxidants in the entire world are very well absorbed. They improve plasma antioxidant activity that is the blood concentration of antioxidants. So what happens is? You get this great concentration of antioxidant substances, which are protective compounds floating around in the body and protecting the cells of your body, your organs every part of your body from premature destruction due to exposure to environmental pollutants and things in the diet. With regard to the whole blood glucose, I on when we take in the right antioxidants and not all antioxidant compounds are the right antioxidants our bodies produce more of its own super protective compound called glutathione. So you take in the green tea extract, you build the antioxidant activity in your blood, and you also cause your body to produce this enormously beneficial very well studied very powerful protective substance called glutathione. So it is remarkable. This isn't something that most high antioxidant foods or supplement ingredients do. But it does happen with a concentrated properly made green tea extract. All right. Let's switch gears and talk about this curcumin, which is number two on you. Listen, by the way, these three ingredients are all found in the new green tea combo formula. We're gonna be offering a free bottle in a few minutes, but talk to me about the curcumin, which is spelled C U R C U M I N. Now, most people haven't heard of it. But scientists, and researchers know it's one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet. It can positively influence our DNA maintain joint comfort, healthy, inflammation, and more. Can you share some of the incredible headlines on curcumin and tell us why you use this? And we talked about this off air a few minutes ago this patented curcumin with greater absorption. Okay. Well, first of all, I think while people might not know the term curcumin, they may well, no tumor recruit, which is a yellow spice and it shows up in curries and it's part of the five thousand year old Indian ir. Vettix system of medicine I've been studying turmeric and its derivative curcumin since the nineteen seventies. And I'll say this right off the bat that there are almost no plant materials in the world as extensively studied as this. A couple of thousand studies can be found in the scientific and medical literature. We know that curcumin is powerfully antioxidant. We know that it has a remarkable capacity to protect the liver and deliver is our primary detoxifying organ. It greatly enhances joint health, so if people are experiencing joint discomfort due to overuse, this really helps to relieve that. And it's also what we call cardio protective. It helps to protect the heart. It helps to maintain normal healthy cholesterol, and one last thing that is really kind of standing is that cookman actually causes your body to produce called Noor. Neuro protective factors in the brain. So it causes your body to produce these agents in the brain that protect the actual tissue of the nerves and the brain itself. There's almost nothing else that we know of that does this specifically the curcumin extract. So when you take two hundred fifty milligrams of this stuff, you get about seven times the activity that you would if you took say a comparable amount of another curcumin extract. So this in my opinion is one of the most life-enhancing protective, totally beneficial substances on earth, and it has just decades of scientific and medical studies to back it up. Now, Chris I know that we talked already about the green tea in the curcumin in your new green tea CR liquid soft gel formula, which is giving away for free today. But first tell me about the third nutrient on the list, the resveratrol, which is super hot right now. Share with us some of the. Headlines and the science behind resveratrol. I know it's from red wine and the French love it, but why is it on your shortlist? Well, resveratrol is one of those remarkable compounds. I just said to shake my head at how many different things that does. It is found in grapes in wine, grapes. It also shows up in cranberries. What we know about resveratrol is that like green tea and also like curcumin extract, it's profoundly antioxidant, but more than that, it shows significant properties when you look at some of the things in the body that happen during aging as a result of Thatta cumulation in tissue and insulin sensitivity resveratrol helps to protect against those things. It's a powerful immune regulator, and you know, our immune system is responsible for keeping us healthy. It is remarkably beneficial for the heart, and this is why it's considered one of the keys to the so. Called French paradox. You know, the French drink a lot of red wine. They eat a lot of cheese they smoke cigarettes, and they stay slim, and they have good cardiovascular health, which just seems completely unfair. But resveratrol appears to be key in that. And additionally there is a brain benefit like there is with the curcumin with blood flow to the brain. So when you take resveratrol, you get brain blood flow. This means you get more oxygen to the tissues of the brain, your brain cells, stay healthier longer. Your mind is clear, sharp and focused. So this is on my shortlist for all those reasons and for about a dozen more that would just plain take too long to explain all right again, we're talking with Chris Gillam also known as the Indiana Jones of natural medicine sometimes called the medicine hunter as well. Chris laser.

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