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Announce sadly that sadly not once again people were freaking out over vantage black but for very different reason this time at first people thought that it's somehow initiative poorer had the exclusive license to the color black which was obviously not true and that created a foster home of hatred. And I think back to at that time and we were getting hate mail. Death threats go kinds of crazy stuff. you know with the intellect like Venta black is a nanotechnology. Not that can only be achieved using Serena systems proprietary reactor and trained technicians. It is not a color it's technology. They didn't patent a shade of black. That absorbs ninety nine point nine five percent light they patented a unique process and material that absorbed ninety nine point nine six five percent of light still a a lot of people thought that technology was beside the point. So we're talking about ownership of no light. So how can someone own no alight. This is stuart simple artists based in Bournemouth in the UK undisturbed quite quickly. How elaborate close to use the stuff but didn't change change how I felt about this exclusive arrangement? The attached initially Stewart was really excited when I heard about phantom black. Even though he wasn't sure sure would make with it. I wasn't really thinking about how to use it. I mean I was initially just in or the stuff itself. I hadn't really ideas because by the time I had a chance to hatch. Hi Dave for a turned out in each pool had the rights to it and everything else store actually doesn't blame SERENO systems for choosing to work with Nisha Kapur. They came from the world of tech and had a completely different mindset. The object of his frustration was a niche Kapoor Stewart thinks morally as an artist. I should've known better than to try to keep Vantaa black exclusively for himself historically and presently so much of art has been dependent on on new technology from oil paints photography video art evolves with whatever's technologically possible. So the fact that this new material tibial was purposefully. Being withheld from the rest of the artistic community ruffled a lot of feathers including stored samples just smack to complete wealth elitism and the power to dominate things. If you've got money and statute although Ben Johnson from Serena Systems is quick to point out that artists being protective of technology isn't actually a new thing. In the art world artists have been creating their own oil paint since the renaissance and they were under no obligation to share share their material with their competitors. Today people feel if something exists. They have an automatic right to it So because does we created this material. Everybody has an automatic right to it. The reality is the world has never been like that you go back to internal was creating his blacks and you go up to and say hey you created created an amazing black. I wanted you being left out of the art scene but simple a different way. Regardless of what renaissance artists did he believes that sharing a knowledge and technology can only move the arts community forward. Which is why he actually felt a little hypocritical? Store had been mixing his own paints and pigments for years. Here's to us in his own artwork and realized he was practicing what he preached sharing better than him. Because I've been making these awesome colors and just using I'm from myself I've been holding them from work. I wasn't sharing them. Stewart had a bunch of pigments that he created himself the greenest green the pink. Pink glittery aced glitter. You get the idea. And it occurred to him that he could kill two birds with one stone. He could share his colors with his artistic peers. And Poke a little fun at a niche. Kapoor's exclusive collusive licensed advancing black. So I thought well do so Shammai. Pink is pink I made with the whole world and put it on the Internet as a joke because a piece of performance are if he likes to use the Internet to spice debate and dialogue with one caveat. Everyone in the world could use this new color except an East Kapoor. I was buying on Johny scoop away from using. Why Payne Stewart but one of his colors the Pinkus pink up for sale on his website with a very specific purchasing agreement so to buy the pink is pink? You have to agree to legal terms and conditions on the website when you added to your car and they are that you're not in each kapoor you're in no way associated or affiliated to a nation. The Best of your knowledge information and belief the paint went mike its way into the hands finish caboodle. The move was part joke part performance art. He figured a few friends I would buy some and they'd have a good laugh about it but ended up selling tens of thousands of jars of the Pinkus Pink. Each one a tiny middle finger to kapoor things escalated escalated quickly from their poor comes back posts a picture of him giving the Middle Finger to the camera with his finger coated in this pink in in samples. Pink Adam Rogers Again Initiative Poor had somehow managed to get around Stewart's ironclad user agreement and posted a picture to his instagram account of his actual middle finger. It covered in the pink pink so this is like this like teenagers fighting right like they're having a fight on social media. I didn't think it was actually in each pool so I just thought it was someone having but then when I realized walls him us all my God. That's really really bad. It was bad but it was also kind of good for Stewart. He got one of the most prominent artists in the industry to publicly flip him the bird and now he had the Internet on his side the rest of the artistic community thousands of thousands of comments was like a few right back. Buddy commenters piled onto a niche Kapoor's instagram. Post telling him to Hashtag share. The Black Stewart suddenly found himself with with an army of open source art defenders behind him and he was ready to mount a full scale attack and store. Kla captured that vibe view. He thought well. Okay if that's the way it's going to be. We're going to make a better black. So we decided to beat Kapoor at his own game and create a super black paint that could rival van to block. It took years of development and multiple iterations an entire community of crowd source artist feedback to develop the formula for something when he calls black three growing in the cosmetics industry. We used what we call matter fires so he borrowed some of that technology and then we reformulated the rolling debts. Mike really open really wide so we could cram later this black pigment in that which makes this really superb line. Kuma slide valve wear black. Three doesn't trap as much light as Bantu black. But it's still pretty dark. You can imagine what it's like in the Justice League stand next to Superman not put but I have some system still bears very still very strong. Black three is like it's fine. Stewart made sure it was an acrylic paint because any painter would be able to easily work with it. It's also affordable so that artists can actually buy it and lastly you come by blank three. If you're an issue Caputo if you're associated with finish Kapoor or to the best of your knowledge information and belief is GonNa make his way into the hands finish Kapoor. Newport comport wouldn't be painting with black three anytime soon but as it turns out neither would stewart simple black for my work a half icon. Music is to black the minute you put on a painting dominates everything. After all the feuding research and development and share painstaking work that went into creating one of the world's blackest blacks Stewart doesn't use it and oddly. Enough a Niche Kapoor. The person who set this whole controversy in the first place hasn't used his blackest black very much either a few years back. He released a limited edition. Ninety eight thousand dollars Vance Black Watch but that's about it neither simple nor could poor had much use in having the darkest pigment in the world but there was one artist who actually did hello route. That's me hello I should talk to you. demote streep works at the intersection of art and science and recently she came out of nowhere with the a black pigment that rendered the entire feud between Kapoor and simple pretty much meaningless. And the best part is she didn't even mean to my artwork in this Setting really triggered a scientific discovery which is Unusual in these times. Usually artistic. Work would not trigger a scientific paper but in this case it was really came out of the arts and I thought this was really cool in two thousand nineteen streep released a work called the redemption of Vanity Hannity in which she coded a two million dollar diamond in a new nanotubes material developed with. MIT's next lab critique of material value because diamonds value is visually speaking reduced to nothing. Diamond and carbon nanotubes are tool forms of carbon atoms in a different order. That means means that you have the most brightest material and the most blackest material basically generated from the same element this new carbon nanotubes material material created for streep actually unseeded vanda block as the new blackest material in the world it traps astronomical ninety nine point nine nine. I percents of light as compared to van blocks ninety nine point nine six percent which is ironic because the only reason she developed a blacker black than a niche Kapoor's is because of a niche poor. Had it not been for the exclusive license with core. MIT and streams. New Record breaking material might not exist by choosing not to work with other artists certain. Anna Systems unintentionally inspired arrival super black material that beat their record but streep says she wasn't wasn't trying to one up Surrey non-existence or make a statement to each poor everything. She was just trying to move past the bickering and create art. I alike ought to be free and speak through his conceptual powers and aesthetics. I do not not interested in raising the more fingertip tip to honest cop or anybody else. A Niche Kapoor still has the exclusive rights to use Fanta black in his artwork. And it's unclear whether he's planning on releasing any future pieces using the material actually his most recent exhibition couldn't be any further away from black. It's a series of mirrored sculptures that are almost impossibly reflective these days Stewart. Simple has a new giant to slay. He's taken on T.. Mobile will the company has been sending cease and desist to small businesses using a similar Shay to their trademark pink so in protest. He's released a new pigment that he calls and pink. TM exact color match to team opals and it's available to anyone unless they are in any way affiliated with T.. Mobile.

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