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Weather on the fives and we started off with kevin make again in the city a wreck on the left shoulder southbound seventy five at seven mile careful on 75 northbound a number of cars with flats reported between 696 and fourteen mile add to that a double lane closure approaching fourteen mile road again that's northbound 75 between 696 and fourteen mile road royal we have a wreck on the woodward entrance ramp there eastbound 696 also a wreck on the right shoulder westbound ninety four at oakwood boulevard accident on the northbound southfield a joy road the right and center lanes are affected that slowing you down from warren avenue out to farmington hills accident on the left shoulder westbound 696 at orchard lake road stop and go from telegraph and in southfield a wreck on the right shoulder westbound 696 just past telegraph i'm kevin o'neill wjr traffic first on the fives from that kalaheo jr weather center will not record call this morning but it was close we hit four below last night and the record was ten below setback in 1999 at the airport four below ah ahead for us again that tonight right back down into the ice boxed tonight with cold arctic high pressure on top of us your michigan partly cloudy thirteen degrees on saturday low twenties on sunday with a chance for some snow showers from the weather channel i'm scott lawrimore loose talk seven sixty wjr clear skies still in the single digits but now it's four degrees our next news at six thirty bulletins as news breaks ken rogulski wjr news from the heart of the motor city it's the mitch albom show with mitch albom and ken brown now sitting in for mitch here's marie osborne kicking off the new here there is a new threatened to talk about rawl water yup it's water with absolutely no treatment at all proponents say it's good for us naturally probiotic and others are saying watch out that rowa raw water could contain bad stuff like bacteria and parasites do joining us with a little more information on this trend is vince hill is with the center for disease control high vince glad you could join us today high you're.

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