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But right now it seems like for all of us, it's ten through 6 that are truly with the opportunities from TFC up to Columbus rather than sneaking Atlanta into that convo. Shout out to Orlando who have kept themselves out of this conversation once again with the stoppage time winner through tesho accin de. Now back to back games, where tesho gets. They lose to, if they lose to Seattle on Wednesday, they're right back into the conversation though, aren't they? Don't do it. No, I'm just saying. They have to take care of business on Wednesday against the desperate Seattle team. Eh, I don't know. Atlanta's gonna lose in that game. There's a chance TFC drops points. I wouldn't be shocked if Orlando lost and still, we felt comfortable about them. And of course, a little over a week out from the open Cup final for Orlando city. Some other results to mention, or do you guys feel good about the east? I'm not holding you back here. Yep. I feel good. You don't want to write your name in sharpie next to any teams that are going to make the playoffs before I move on. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. All right, well let's close out in the mail back here. We didn't mention Minnesota. They're two one win over the Houston dynamo, a big win for them. Another big comeback. But this does bring us to our mailbag question, which is from Nick avid listener, great to meet some of us in St. Paul for the All-Star Game, and he says, with bake di bossy out for the season, which was the news that dropped over the course of the last week, there's been talk among Minnesota United fan base, about a possible move for John Anthony Brooks. I'm curious about your thoughts on this on the positive side. He is a free agent who needs playing time and wouldn't take up an international roster spot, but he's expensive would likely be a Tam player, which doesn't seem like a good idea for what's essentially a band aid signing. So what's your thoughts on one, the loss of deposit in two, this as a potential short term solution? To die hard time. Are you asking for me? Brooks fans. Yeah, kale? I would say, okay, kaylin, go. I mean, losing to bosses to bossy is huge. Because he's been really great for them in the back. And I'm not into going and making a shock signing, but for me, if you can get Jonathan Brooks in MLS as a center back, we've seen teams invest more heavily in center backs. Even up to the DP level. And I brought up miyazu coming back. We've looked at the way Zimmerman has been elevated to a DP. We'll see what happens with long, but for me, if you can go get John Anthony Brooks, that's a piece that would be fantastic for them. So I wouldn't look at it as just a one year signing, even when you look at his age, he's still, I think, what how old is he? 29 30. So I can't say ages because I don't have anyone to correct me. A great age. So yeah, for me, that would be a no brainer. If you could go get Johnny Brooks back in for them, it fits a need. They also want to push for playoffs. They could get them sooner than later. If they get them right now, I would say that absolutely. Yeah, click yes on that one. Doyle, do you mean, I guess the question is, is he the right guy? And then the other question would be how much would you commit to trying to be better this season to your long-term future?

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