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A you drive in this car you ever text and drive come on be on us either some of you are doing it now just a peak or a qu wake on my way it's not hurting anybody right wrong you know it's dangerous that's why cops are cracking down in writing tickets soap stopping stupid and stop texting while driving and of conversation you drive you text you pay paid for by the national highway traffic safety administration hugh hewitt am six nettie the answer bozo robin brooke he was not let us do you weigh sonja morgan rory america was not goods here here out on july the fourteen 2017 as we look at the braves are robbins of the united states senate brave bridge sir robins all we will see if they bowed to open debate next week yesterday the senate republicans unveiled a revised healthcare bill according the wall street journal this morning in an effort to shore up its faltering gop support but its future remained precarious as at least two republicans quickly vowed to oppose bringing it up that would be susan collins and rand paul and there are four others who don't want to begin debate may be now maybe they will agree that having campaign guns on bang for eight years you ought.

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