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Onto the story of shel silverstein here's greg handler poet wh auden once said there are good books which are only for adults there are no good books which are only for children children's picture books matter because their form of our first impression of literature and become the gateway towards our appetites for the written word in our knowledge of the world this most distilled form of art expresses basic truths about life in such a poetic way that it assumes the form of intellectual mother's milk the stylistic eccentricities of maurice sendak dr seuss and shel silverstein form the bedrock of our childhood lexicon shell story is arguably the most eccentrically interesting among the big three actor filmmaker james franco is set to direct and star in the biopic centered on shell silverstein and you're about to find out why born in nineteen thirty on the northwest side of chicago sheldon alan silverstein grew up in a second story apartment crammed with relatives his jewish parents an immigrant father from eastern europe and a chicago born mother opened an unsuccessful bakery on the heels of the great depression though silverstone's mother encouraged his early knack for drawing his father made it clear that he was expected to join the floundering family business silverstein discovered his passion for drawing when he was five the lonely eccentric kids spent his k through twelve years drawing reading and listening to the radio sir is it true that you are two thousand years old oh boy comfort and refuge from the perpetual boredom of school and his increasingly wrathful father after a few unsuccessful attempts at college she explained i didn't get much attention from the girls and i didn't learn much those are the two worst things that can happen to a guy but this delaying gratification would later reveal itself as a blessing in disguise by the time it could get the girls i already knew how to write poems android pitchers thank god i was able to develop these things which i could keep before i got the goodies that were my first choice while serving in japan and korea he founded unexpected outlet an army cartoonist when he was discharged an unemployed silverstein began submitting cartoons to magazines while hawking peanuts and hot dogs to fans at comiskey park in chicago his break came in one thousand nine hundred fifty six when he visited the offices of a startup magazine for men in minutes editor himself an avid cartoonist and army veteran hugh hefner.

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