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What do you think about this match. I hear it's like okay. I was really thinking about one tiny thing and it's goldberg's ear and i've been really disappointed by all of this spears. He's deliver new since since sirnak like even on this list on. Mvp just didn't have a lot of scheme behind it and then the one. He hit on. Bobby and i don't know if it's a matter of like the distance but it didn't seem like it wasn't like cross the ring goldberg plowing through someone and you know what maybe dolphins ziglar completely broke the dynamic because when he was up against goldberg which is wild thing that happened like maybe two summer slams ago if that was at summer slam which. I'm pretty sure it was that. I'm pretty sure that goldberg took ziegler's boo shock with that. Yes that is off the henry. I vaguely remember it but only because off sigler soga so guts. The thing where. I want that goldberg like i think with goldberg to. It just helps to have someone who's able to sell and selling cell in cell and put him over as the status because he is older and i think people are accustomed to just saying like maybe he's slow down because he's older but i'm not that hard for this match. I'm with you. Mari i agree. I would take the five minutes but stand. Do you wanna five-star classic with this one child. I'm not a religious person. But i'm going to bring every day the out various bobby lashley stays healthy. We saw what happened with goldberg. And the undertaker. Matt i do not want history repeating itself at all and when goldberg cut his promo this week on raw and told us engage. You could probably watch videos of me online. I wish he'd stop there because gauge would probably be better off just watching videos of his dad on the wwe network or on peacock. And i wish i would have told goldberg. Just plug picot plus the network right..

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