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Criminal Defense Dot COM Ben Frederickson never gotten hey that sounds a little personal that's a that's a generic copy there you're reading right no it's not tailored totally Taylor Ben Frederickson that's why they wanted to jump on this right away I'm sorry buddy why you should have called me Dub sto criminal defense dot com and you would have been taking care of let's jump you know what I WanNa do I want to change it up a little bit I'm just going to throw names at you from the cardinals. you now have had a little over a week to kind of digest what the season was like and maybe where it goes forward with these guys but you just give me your thoughts what comes at the top of your head sound good sounds good left-field Marcello sooner or later I think the cardinals will will offer him the qualifying offer while he wants to be a cardinal would love to be a car I don't think he wants to be a carnal so bad he'll take one year eighteen ish million now if he does and wants to bet on himself then you welcome back open arms but I imagine and I would instruct him if I was his agent go get your money go get the deal you can before you before you hit that dreaded thirty mark so hey marcel it didn't quite work out anyone hoped certainly a better second year was the first year but I but I think he's happy trails for Mr Ozone I just wonder with the CBA looming if the cardinals came at him with a two year deal if he jumps on it maybe and that's that would probably be if I'm GonNa if I'm going to test the waters attend that's what it would be and you hope you get one good year out because that's really kind of what your banking on with with those who knows you're GonNa get maybe half of half good half bad that's certainly what we've seen so far in Saint Louis awesome for folks who are going how can they not offer this guy say look at the deal. They've had they've had two springs trainings or they weren't thrilled with how he showed up in the physical shape they've had an off season of what do they call it. The off season of accountability was last season was labeled and Marcel do it now I'm good with I'm good with what I'll always do and they couldn't get in touch them at half the off season he is there's been struggles with him with with the health with the shoulder that he does not scream guy that you offer a long term deal to go more than more than two if you're going to do it and I think the cardinals what they could do here off from the queue oh if he turns it down okay he's got you got the draft pick if he leaves then let them go out and see what's what's going on in free agency and if he finds a deal that he likes and it's for for three years and been big bucks Ah you know good luck Marcel but if he's not loving what he finds and maybe talk about a modest two year deal that gets them a little more security than the qualifying offer for but I wouldn't go much further than that hopefully it'll be back bring him back we'll do it all over again now he might want a little more security than than what he got in that in that incentive laden deal that had last year but I wouldn't I wouldn't be shocked if he's willing to queue it up and do it over again on very similar terms and Adam has talked a lot this year even before he made his postseason starts about how he felt like you know one of the things that kind of motivates him is that he felt like he got paid for some production that he didn't provide and he's a pretty candid you know it's pretty rare to appear guy who talks about that hey I got paid for for innings I didn't pitch so that's really what's weighing on his mind and then he shouldn't be you know to put off by coming back on a very similar deal and and as he calls looking for supper carpenter tough and and I don't know I mean the cardinals don't like to eat money and they certainly don't mind to to to eat checked players who they gave the deals to that like a lifetime you know to to become a lifetime cardinal so maybe he gets the Dexter Fowler Bounce back doc treatment but I think it's just it's complicated it would be the word that I pick if I have to sit down and and I don't know the cardinals can feel good about bringing him back and saying hey we're gonNA start them at their base and hope things are better you go back to the numbers since last September when that hot streets ended they've been brutal and without much signs of progress there have been some blips and some and some spikes and you know he's always you know I don't think he's he's done as a hitter but but it's hard to rely on him right now and if you're going to bring him back then I think you have to bring them back and say hey you're you're you're fighting for a spot on the bench until proven otherwise better but still not good below average in terms of his production offensively this season and really third base and right field where the two positions that hurt this team the most offensively the cardinals didn't need to be a juggernaut offensively it'd they did everything else so well but they need to be okay offensively and their two biggest weak spots in terms of opiates were at third base and right field I think Dexter had a better year than his career worst last year in some ways kind of a weird year he had a career high amount of rb is an in home runs but when you look at the other things that he did well there's some good moments I mean we saw with him climax leadoff spot and hold it down for a while but the way things ended it was it looked kind of similar to to the past season when he when he wasn't able to to get going and eventually wound up in to get on the injured list and other ones too complicated this guy is a full no trade clause but I don't know if the cardinals couldn't find a way to to move him I see extra Palestinian hey you know I'm ready to they get a fresh start somewhere else but that would probably have to me in the cardinals eating a significant amount of money that's left on that deal also sending him to a place where he'd be willing to waive the no trade I think it'd be really hard for this team to bring back both of those guys Dan this is presented by Henderson and Water Cutty sto criminal defense dot com. I think a unique when I throw at you and then it goes into what role does he play and that's Carlos Martinez don't treat him until you until you know what you have but but I wouldn't be shocked if he gets moved I think he's still when you look at his contract he's still making basically a bargain rate for either a a decent starter or be a decent high leverage reliever which he was last season it didn't end well of his appearances at closer got a little shaky there toward the end but with what he makes in his potential to either be a pretty good closer or a pretty decent starter then I think you put up with the headache and unless there's a deal that it makes your toes tangle the cardinals are open to the idea of moving Carlos Martinez they happen for awhile shopped him in the past and I don't think they are I don't think they are you know taking him off the off the board whatsoever in some ways I think they they are some ways tired of some of his headaches that he is caused over the time but I think this year you know I think they they were pleased with what they got from him out of the bullpen now he had this minor cleanup he wants to start again there's nothing wrong with saying hey let's come see what you have at spring training but he knows that it's he can't do that and can't hold up that way and they're going to stick them in the bullpen and and I think they like what they get from him there so always an option for Carlos we moved somewhere but you know it's gotTa be gotta be a decent deal before you let that arm go hitting coach Jeff Albert Yeah Oh man I'm trying to think of the short way to say this you know I think some explanation needed is what I would say I I didn't need to hear from Jeff Albert when the when the cardinals swept from the CS I didn't need to hear him come out and say it's on him I didn't need to hear this him take the sore that's not what I was looking for but I think Mike to hear from him soon is hey this is the plan moving forward and this is the identity of this offense and this is what I wanna see and that's complicated because every guy has got different strengths but I do think the cardinals should be able to condense their philosophy and do something they can't say with ease and so far a lot of what we heard is complicated and a lot of it's really nebulous and I think when the players talk about it they all say different things which isn't a great sign and we've heard some pretty odd comments from some of the hitters down the stretch of the season things like Harrison Bainer getting upset that they weren't throwing fastballs things like Matt Carpenter saying you can't hit fastballs off speed you have to pick Guan things like Paul Goldschmidt saying well they're not throwing it over in the middle of the plate of course they aren't to all three I think he needs to come forward to some degree and say as the plan and here's what we learned this past season here's what was part of the plan this past season here's what wasn't and here's what we're going to really stress moving forward I think that's I do expect I find it fascinating always to look at the free agency list that is out there and the thing I'm going to look at our our guys that hit soft contact guys had hit off speed pitching which got exposed by the cardinals for the cardinals in this by other teams in this off season and and some pitchers did it in regular season play are there any free agents out there whether be lineup one through eight or let's the ninth pitcher that intrigues you as we get ready for the off season Oh sure I mean anthony were known intriguing although I'm kind of in the spot where the cardinals have been fans of they don't like on that long they they came they were willing to go there with stanton although you know they knew that it was depend on him wanting to come and and there was probably some belief that he wouldn't so who knows we just haven't seen them beat out other teams for a long term deal with top level free agent so that's something that I'll need to see before I before I believe so I I I'm intrigued by him but I'm also intrigued in these other maybe the Tier Below third Baseman I'm intrigued by guy like like Justin Turner if the dodgers go get rent on what happens to to him at third base I'm intrigued and I think he would I think you'd be more sure thing to the cardinals have now at third base Cabrera maybe I needed into that one a little bit more and and I haven't done much done much research on on him but is there kind of a stopgap you know that would be the Saint Louis based criminal defense firm of Henderson Water Cutty as many of you know I'm proud to be from Saint Louis and Mick Henderson and Steve Water Cutty are from Saint Louis they call it home their firm is the premier criminal defense firm in Missouri and Illinois so being from Saint Louis they want to help people will from our region and all you have to do is go to their website St L. 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