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Lodgers to within two with a two run home run of the top habit of sixthinning off the bat of kyle garlic now these socks bad in the bottom of the sixth inning kion braxton leads it off against right handers c lee and takes a strike right handed batter right handed pitcher roxana two for two with two are the is to run opposite field double in the first inning pitches a strike on the outer half with a slider tell you what lee wearing out that outside corner with those sliders of the right handed batter account his own too gillan more gabriel noriega due to follow the stretch and delivery swinging of asset slider in the dirt strike three superoxide strikes out three consecutive strikeouts for lee ear cups dylan more more is oh for two as best dotted line dotty a liner to center field is last time up that appeared like it might sink in there for a base hit but it was caught a brilliant catch and center by alex verdoux go he turned it into an inningending double play the right handed batter takes inside ball one field step towards right more takes a frontier slider firststrike strike one and one.

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