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Yeah. There they kill it in Pittsburgh, the market leaders there for sure. So he gifted me extreme ownership. And that book to me it it just really spoke to me it. Definitely. Kind of surmises everything I've said here today about taking responsibility for everything Kinda started for me with grand car. Don't he would talk about how you get in a car accident at your fault you should have left five minutes sooner. You could have been further back whatever. But it really didn't resonate with me until I heard that book and really came to realize that once you take responsibility for everything in your life. Now you have control, and now you can you can move forward. So that book for sure can't hurt me by David Geoghegan's there's so many I'm really thankful I read the road less stupid pre covid. That Book Chapter? Ten of the road less stupid I listened to once a week that will tell you exactly what not to do, which after a what was the topic on that chapter something about a crisis is a terrible thing to waste and he talks about the lessons learned from the two thousand and eight crash, and he goes through all of the things the arrogance that complacency, all of the things that lead to people. Failing when a market shifts and he talks about how when the market shifts, you can't make cuts quick enough you can't. Adjust quick enough in that was so true and covert literally, and this was so frustrating I want to actually give show off for this. I told you this on facebook I. Don't know if you remember. But when Kovic happened, there were so many national gurus saying, yes this is what we've been waiting for doubled down on marketing go all in everyone else is going to pull back the rains you should go all in. That's what we're doing. What was frustrating for me? In the Pittsburgh market was, we couldn't close on properties. Yeah. So I had no clear path to revenue. I could increase my marketing but without knowing when I was ever going to have a closing, what you said is here's what we are doing. We haven't changed anything well, that makes sense because you can speak to your market, but you didn't say you shouldn't change anything and there were so many national guards and it's frustrating because here I am on Uzun with my team saying guess what guys no more direct mail. Sorry we gotTa Stop Ourselves Jan game we're. GonNa continue this continue to do that. But direct mail is done and they're listening to the same gurus I'm listening to their saying well, they're telling us we should be doubling down. Why are we cutting back? Thankfully we made cuts my business cost about sixty one, thousand dollars a month to operate. We got it down to about eleven and I mean like a day that we literally turned everything off amped up the south. Jen's started doing zooms stayed positive. My team was incredible through covid because Pennsylvania we just we it was brutal. Well, it's interesting because. I thought pivot if ASTERN ANYBODY You know and it wasn't credible sounds like you guys are the same thing. Yeah. We all talked and sad that. This is not looking good with our governor and this mandate Again, it's not that you could have carved out a bigger market share during that time awesomely but. At what expense? There's no, we had no idea when we were going to have our next closing we talked title company and and they basically said we can continue to move forward. But if the government agencies aren't providing us with the things, we need I have no idea when you're next closings going to be. Yeah. So you're locking out properties today the typically would close in thirty that may not close for sixty, ninety one, hundred, twenty days and at that point by the way I have no idea what the AARP's going to be. Yeah. So I don't even know if these are deals stressful. Yeah. I remember I was a couple of calls and I made that. I. I made a comment some as you're making really. Bad suggestions yeah and I don't think they liked what I had to say but. I thought that you can't. You can't blanket statement this whole country like real estate's local, Yep. Yeah. So and I think doing wants to know what do you recommend has a fulltime job doing this business? fulltime job doing this business was your by someone like that. Yeah. That's tough. I mean got A. Run I think at my latte calls a mini days. You've gotta run many days where you're nine to five is day one and You know catch your breath. I don't know if he has kids but. Six to eleven like I said for me you know I worked to eleven every night and I didn't have another job but you're going to have to work from six to eleven. You're going to have to work weekends and it's worth it. You don't have a choice when you're your first three years or longer. This is at forty hours is not going to cut it now kiss it goodbye I would also tell him spend as much time on Self self-improvement as you do on the wholesaling because it's so hard that if you're not in a good head space, you will quit now and then sixty thousand. Pre. COVID. Where was that going? What was I spending it on? Well. We spent sixteen, thousand, six, hundred dollars a month on marketing. Kiefer's take about twenty, two, thousand dollars a month on payroll that includes my wife and I. We take a pretty healthy salary and then I dunno shit I just spend it I don't even know I, mean. So system systems. self-development. Yeah Decker I will definitely all those things. It adds up quick and you know one of the good things about Cova. Is it made us reevaluate things. What don't we need? We had a lot of weird shit in there. I didn't even know we had that we never brought back. Yeah. That's the story I heard consistently, we actually didn't any expenses. That's probably good. You were tight. Yeah. Only lean. Yeah. We're waiting for guess something like this. and then see. All right. Cool. So yeah, you got a lot of love people loving us on Youtube. So do you think about one quick thought while a couple of quick announcements? So guys We got next week a guy Keith Everett in Lenny coming out from Birmingham. Alabama or hear about their story and what they're doing and then Again we just one last reminder we do have that productivity zoom call tomorrow. So you guys are interested directors dot com slash time like I said I'm not selling anything This is just people ask me how I run seven businesses..

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