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Peaceful conditions. They began to tremble again. The moment we set foot inside the house poor feodor man is nearly his mind. What can he do? I keep asking myself that question. She died in Philadelphia USA. This fifteenth just a little less than a year ago. You went with no. She went there to take a piano lesson. There was a new teacher. She'd heard about. She was always so self conscious about a technique but she never reached his studio. They notified me at midnight from the city morgue and no one in Philadelphia saw no one except the attendance at the moment. Of course the people who picked her up after the collision it was such a brutal accident among who could speak to the children explained to them. Or it's so horrible so sorted I know my dear I hate to make you suffer but if we could find some way if they could just believe when you brought a backyard pilots. There was a funeral and was there anybody who saw her. I couldn't bear it and I I didn't think at the time she'd been so beaut- for lovely sweet gentle face and that is the horses it completely tremble even if the children had been able to come home. I wouldn't of let them look the coffin seared when I left Philadelphia. I didn't want to see her again myself? There was a few more people came. There were flowers and undertake this. But if they believe that if there was one witness amendment lost there was a funeral the finest funeral encounter a snow. White Goose and twenty five coaches. Everybody said flowers costs could watch and.

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