A highlight from Ep 431 | Dissecting the Dangers of Critical Theory | Guest: James Lindsay


Hey guys welcome to relatable hope. Everyone is having a great day today. I am talking to james lindsay. He is an author scholar and amazing thinker. And you can tell as you've started this podcast. This is a long episode. I already i told my team after. Finish this conversation that. I actually need to book four hours when i talked to james lindsay. Because you'll be able to tell like. I can't i just can't stop talking to him. My brain just keeps going because he says so much that they're that needs to be dissected and analyzed in questioned and you're going to love this conversation you're gonna feel so smart after it because he is so smart and give such great insight and i'm really excited for you to listen to it if you haven't listened to our first conversation from a few months ago from january a lincoln and the description so you can go back and listen to that it gives a little bit more context about what we're talking about today but nevertheless you will love the dialogue that we have so without further ado. Here is james lindsay. James thank you so much for joining me again. Last time we talked to all about your book cynical theories. We talked about critical race theory. We're going to continue that conversation today. I want i talk to you. We're recording this in january. This will come out sometime in. May and so who knows who the heck knows what's going to happen over the next few months but as we're talking we've seen a flurry of executive orders from the biden administration in regards to sex discrimination racial discrimination. That may be all sound good in the name of equity but it seems to me that those people who voted for him thinking that it was going to end. Whoa kness in a lot of this stuff. That you've talked about are wrong. Can you break that down for us. Yeah i did think and still think that those people are wrong. We'll see where that is when this comes out. I suppose but the i wanna be as generous to their arguments awful so their argument is that trump was radicalizing and galvanizing the left so that it was impossible to make the argument against whoa kness to normal people because to try to argue against weakness to normal people would would result in them saying something like what trump you know so trump is a bigger problem. Trump is the problem and we wouldn't have to do this if trump wasn't an office so their their belief was that if we remove that that irritant from the white house then we can start to make headway on the cultural argument against woke kness. We can start to show normal people. Just how bad. Whoa kness is my counter to that. I do sympathize. And i do think they are actually right that Certainly much of the left was galvanizing around anti-trump ism to the point where they were unable to. I mean it became very tribal. And partisan they were unable to give an inch on almost anything Because trump so. I understand that argument. I sympathize with the argument. And i think it's largely correct the thing that i disagree with them on is that i believe that they. They are operating under the assumption that politics as usual and culture is usual are still in operation and i think that that assumption has failed. I do not think we're operating as in politics as usual. I think we're now operating in a very different circumstances and that there is now no check on a movement that biden has either is either controlled by or is bought into or both to some degree. That wants nothing but more power and is going to put the pedal to the metal to get as much Nudges power but unassailable power as it can take while it has the opportunity and we see literally his first hour in the The white house biden sign something like seventeen executive orders at least a handful of which are brutally woke versus sending the critical race theory ban. That trump had put in an october september. Doing whatever it is with a gender identity and so basically women's sports and

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