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Which is crazy. it's this week. Wedding season starts now by that. I mean just our show. But my these wedding mike how you feeling. You're just days away. I'm starting to get a little bit nervous at The just the day itself. There's like a fifty fifty percent chance of rain so we may have to shift some things. Oh it's outdoors. The ceremony was outdoors. Reception was going to be indoors. But we had to do it all in order if it rains. Hey not bad though. If you have a reception spot already yeah. that's in. Yeah that stinks but it's not worse worse. Yeah it's not the worst thing. We could adapt. We're watching the weather Let me look at the weather right now. Tencent never write. This changes is like a snap a finger. Yeah what lottery. yes. I mean one. Two three four five six seven nine days in a row where the chances fifty percent or higher. What does she think about that. I mean this point. She's like you know what happens happens. We're not too concerned. We can switch it up so it's just like all right. we're all of. It was kind of figuring out my clothes last night for mike sweating late some stuff out on the bed. Because i got mike's wedding than week after caitlyn sister's getting married so it the wedding start pop pop and so mike. What is your wedding dress code. i would say just. It's not formal by any means as you said just dress nice so dressing perch cocktail. Good questions what is your wedding dress. Most light like. If you're going to church those kinds of close okay. Because i was going to wear a full suit. No hey let's you don't do full suit for mike's wedding. He says she survive. And and it was a real allowed to. I said we're gonna take. I think you'd be overdressed if you wear a suit. Okay ray what are you wearing. I wanna go cowboy boots now that he's just saying it's more casual. I was going to do dress pants. No dress coat and a button down. Do you do that right. Yeah we're the cowboy boots. Let's go all right when i got recon reevaluate my wardrobe going to wear pink shorts. Okay okay okay. One of my buddies hit me up about rs wants to dress. I was pretty nice. Because i was just gonna wear my normal. What do you mean he goes. Well we're every day. What does he wear jeans out in. Like a t shirt buddy from arkansas house. I know we gotta class it up a little bit in arkansas. A picture of him wearing the suit that he's wearing as one of my groomsmen and he was like this feels nice. Well my pump for you man. I'm and then you're not leaving one honeymoon right after. No we're not. What are you gonna do right after the wedding. Right after the wedding or just gotta hotel. That's it no. I know what you're doing. Are you doing for the next week the next week. We're doing like a station like mini moon. We're just got off the you aren't taking time but are you going to do a four honeymoon later. Yeah later in the year. all right. well this is this. Is mike wedding week. Is she nervous as she freaking out. No she's not nervous at all. I'm probably more nervous. And you're reading your own vows right. Yeah that's what she's nervous about. How do you feel about yours. I think mine will be fine. I already kind of finalized them. I think the morning of maybe take another look at it. But i think i'm good to go on that jokes. I think maybe one one joke kind of lighten it up. How does she feel about the joke. He's okay with it. She knew i was going to do something like that. Because i was told. If i did a whole comedy routine i was gonna be in trouble. You're not perform camps like you're not performing for the audience like talk how we talk. It's your wedding bro. I know but she just wants me to remember. I'm not performing for everyone. Funny that's fine if it's between us but she's like because people are there. This isn't funny in the comedy tour. All right my looking forward to it but it's at time in the morning where we open up the mailbag aliens Bobby bones. i'm currently sixteen weeks pregnant. And i want to get your thoughts on something. I've noticed a lot of celebrities including country artists such as mayor and morris deciding to not posting photos of their babies face when posting on social media. People who choose not to post their kids face argue that since the child isn't old enough to decide if they wanna social media presence it isn't cool just post their face on the internet. I'm curious as to what your thoughts are. What you think the right thing to do is when it comes to posting your children on social media whenever you do decide to have kids. Do you think your post their faces on instagram. Thank you bobby from kindle in central coast california. I think everybody on the show is a little different outlook. Though who does have kids amy. Your kids aren't so your son doesn't want to be anymore right or your daughter is on right now. Yeah so that's kinda always i was. I've i've posted them probably before they really understood what it was. And i'm not sure that that was you know i. Maybe i shouldn't have. I don't know for me. i felt okay. And then once that was when they were in haiti and then once they were officially home with me and they were my kids. I would tell them about it and talk to them about it and yes. My son used to be a ham and all wanted to be all over. My daughter was more shy and now they've kind of switched and anything. I posted her. I have her permission. And then y'all with him. He's he's taking a break from it but that's his choice and i respect that. Your kids are not on social media. Correct yeah i'm along the lines of They're not old enough to really decide when they are. They can decide. They wanna be all over the internet. I mean as of now there my kids. My job is to protect them so protect them from the internet. But your older son's thirteen now if he does want to be on the internet now not till he's eighteen then he can decide what he wants to do. You're gonna tell me if he's sixteen years old. Yeah and he wants to have an instagram or a tiktok. You're going to be like no. Yeah then i'm gonna go to my instagram and show him all the comments of people making fun of me and be like do you want. This won't care. He'll say yes he won't. I'm going to say you're going to be embarrassed. And you're gonna hate it. I you may be right. But i'm just going to tell you other things that you've said for like you're not getting enough like what you're not getting phone until eighteen and he got one at thirteen only point. Was you know. Put your kids on instagram. Right now correct. I bet you at fifteen at his oldest son is on. That's two years now. No chance and lunchbox. You don't put your kids on. I don't put my kids on social media because of the stranger danger factor. I don't want listeners. Knowing who my kids are and then my kids thinking. Oh i must know them so i want them to be able to have their own privacy and the stranger danger factor because we. We live a celebrity lifestyle. We're we're in the public eye and people recognize us in public. So i don't want to recognize my kids in public and be like. Hey what's up in my kid. Be like no you and that just gets weird. I don't know what we're gonna do kayla. Make a decision kids. She's like i don't feel comfortable with it. I'm gonna be like cool if you made the decision that what would you do. How care i mean from birth to. They're going to be out everywhere anyway. You can't take them anywhere people. Eventually people are gonna take pictures of me. People take pictures of me all the time. I'll places kids with me but public internet's different. But they may take a picture post

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