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Joe Micheletti, John Oliver and Emily Arena. The Canadians on their first power play of the game in a scoreless game five John Rueda offer a cross check at 7 19. Canadians have to go back into their own goal in coming over and Coleman very nearly. It's a short handed goal. He's got it again in trying to pitch Forks, backhander wide and Jeff Pizza, trying to settle things down for the 1st 20 seconds of the Montreal power play, which has been fairly ineffective in the series is equally ineffective. Canadians just one for seven on the power play, but they're making soft plays, jokes and they're getting outworked by the penalty, killing the lightning round. For sure, they thought Montreal thought that Tampa Bay was just going to clear the ice, clear the puck down the ice and the first one, Tampa Bay didn't try to make a play. And they did. The Goldman Suzuki fires it hard around and into the Tampa Bay zone. McDonough pops into the front of the net. Nobody home but Anthony Cirelli of the Lightning and he'll Isis. We've got a penalty coming up behind the plate. Is it coincidental minors? Let's listen. 81 got minor interference. 94 about two minutes embellishment, So it's an interference call on Sure knack and embellishment call on Perry. So it is coincidental Minors at 8 15 Peri Peri slammed the penalty box gate as he went into the penalty box. He didn't like it sure, not just came over and gave him a shoulder to the chest, and Perry went down. And the officials felt that he embellished to call enough to even things up Joe. To me, It's the age old conversation. We can talk about it all night long. How can it be both? It's either one or the other, but it is both because that's the call it does not affect. The manpower situation remains a five on four power play for the Canadians and Anderson offside as he tries to pull a pass from behind him back into the Tampa Bay zone. The Canadian power play still has 48 seconds left joke, but it does not look sharp. No, it hasn't. You know, this is a power play that that hasn't hasn't really looked all that sharp throughout the series. They got some young players on there. And you know, we've spoken so often about the Montreal penalty killing. Tampa Bay's is excellent as well. Now Anderson and Coleman jostle at the edge of the circle, exchanging short cross checks. The officials have to come over draw the old line in the back seat like on vacation with your brother or sister never works. No, it doesn't was going to say we'll see if it works, but Remember, the retaliation is always what Mom and dad caught. And here comes Coleman off the face off. He had a chance to come in short handed. But he's caught by Anderson is going to take a penalty that hooking call and Al Coleman saying it should be a penalty shot. He's all the way back at his own movie, but he's got a point. Did he have a breakaway and so cemetery so Tampa Bay makes makes the play. They try to clear it goes off a glove and slows down. And so Coleman is able to try to reach out and he loses control and trying to control it with his right escaped and that didn't work. So the game is being called tightly. You know, I'd go so far very safe. Would you consider that a pretty good penalty? Because if Anderson doesn't take that penalty, your point, I think Coleman, who's got great speed off to the races on a breakaway for sure. So it's four on four for the next few seconds as the lightning people fuckin and served Check trying to get it back from board had his stick lifted. It angles off the boards and back out center right shots. 10 2 in favor of Tampa Bay. Montreal Power play did not even produced a shot on goal before they took the penalty there by Anderson at 8 43. How Suzuki wiped out by Coleman Coleman's been all over the ice. Been the best player on the ice in this first period. He has points in every game in this series. And now Tampa Bay wanted one appellant. Too many men on the ice Suzuki on his way to the back. Edge. The puck just appeared in front of him went off the skate of a teammate that was going over the boards, and then he just dumped it in the rest of the way. I don't think it was too many men on the ice, and there's nothing else the officials agree with. Hedman handles it. Sentara is Tampa Bay Seconds away from going on their own power play now on their second power play of the game as the Canadian sweep it away, and Hedman has to come back and get it. That's another example. Cirelli gets it right at the blue line, carries it over the blue line, and immediately he's attacked. He loses the puck. Montreal clears it. Hedman brings it in for stand post wires it around and Cirelli battling with Byron to try to keep it alive. Future. AW, made a little pump pass into that bump position in the middle. Got it right back from point now has it right circuit out high. Hedman capitalists takes a wrist shot doubled up by Carey price Now that time Tampa Bay was able to get set up and when you draw has it that's when he becomes so dangerous. So he's on the right side, and he's looking for either a plate of the middle of play down on the side of the net. But this time you got it to Hedman on the left point, have been walked in and initially decided to take the shot because Cirelli was directly in front of Carey Price. But Cirelli took a step to the side price was able to see the shot. Make a safe rally wins the ensuing faceoff to the right of price stuck on the end boards. Evans didn't get it out shot passed by him. And the boy was looking for future off the right post, and he didn't connect hustling the other way. Evans trying to split the defense shorthanded, and he's written off the puck in the left corner. Now by Hedman dying Seconds of the power play, 10 ticks remaining. The man advantage point across the line. Trump Sutra back to feature off his pass deflected towards the Net, capped away by Carey Price and collected by the Canadians to know clears the zone. That'll do it. Out of the box. Anderson and the Canadians full strength, so Tampa Bay over two on the power play, and they turn it over at Senate. Here's Suzuki on his own into the Tampa Bay Zone strips to the left corner wanted the centers of the far post. But that came gored to intercept that. It stood out by the lightning. This go all the way back in the Montreal ice. First man on Heathrow rolls it slowly to the side of the Net, and Carey Price scoops it up. He'll hang on just under nine minutes to go. In Game five first period in Tampa, no score between the Lightning and Canadians in conjunction with NBC Sports, You're listening to the Stanley Cup.

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