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Pound can yo you andy kind of pound town i know what it is and it's for this occasion brooke linen belco call rick linen is so confident that they offer a riskfree sixty nights satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all of their sheets and comforters the only way to get twenty dollars off and free shipping is to use the promo code pound peo u n d brooklyn dot com like i said be are okay l i n e n dot com promo code pound brooklyn these are the best sheets ever tomorrow we'll talk about the football players kneeling now if you kneel during the national anthem protests you'll be fine so that's pretty shocking to me morgan freeman is the new sexual predator i wonder if this is more upsetting than cosby to people well the people upset they're in at the flag would not upset black person on his neck to death you know what i mean by the way in then harvey weinstein we'll get into more he paid a million dollars bail to not be in jail it seems like that's how the law should work we put up the poll have you stopped consuming an artist's work because of their behavior and sixty eight percent of audience says yes meaning thirty two percent have not in quite frankly i have not you have who's the who's the sandusky michael jackson so ten any any of these you know send those get what he has that i need.

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