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Five sixty k sfo collapse of a rumson do pedestrian bridge at florida international university down near miami there are people dead and there are automobiles trapped underneath the whole thing a bridge over a pretty big street wide street just collapsed this is not good i was in kansas city when a relatively new hotel opened up and they had what we're called sky walks from one area of the second or third floor above the lobby they were suspended by the narrowest of cables and during a friday afternoon tea dance they call it it was something white nephew known a couple of them gave way and crushed people in the lobby it was horrible thing is like this is even bigger even though that was indoors this is outdoors and the pictures coming it's a big pedestrian bridge to this is not just a one or two person wide walkway florida international university multiple deaths and injuries with automobiles school trapped looks like that the whole span has collapsed ear and from what i understand a relatively new bridge like in the past couple of years folks just as there are criminal advances in technology there is an increase in the number of cyber threats more people on the line more targets there are and cyber thieves are getting better and better at what they do and the thing about cyber theft is usually don't know when you have been victimized silent crime you don't know at least until the next billing cycle and sometimes it takes longer than that for the thieves to start using your data have to be six months that your data stolen you don't know about it sometimes big databases get hacked people own them dominates it right away it's.

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