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App, August thirty. First, the roast, Bruce Prichard I am now officially de roast master. Whoa, so that'll be a lot of fun. I might wear. Over a Rick flair shirt because I'm classy. Everybody. Boom, that's it. And well, I wanna say, I wanna say as always so glad to have my brother by side chains matter n- we have some big news coming up in the next month or so. Hopefully I know we always saying that, but this time I really think eighteenth straight months get, but you know, it's got some big news coming up. We're gonna. We're gonna handle some things this week, God willing. They will come to fruition. I wanna think join up Briley so much. Thank you so much time when I can't make you providing with the MTA real quick. Hope when when Miranda becomes our governor, I hope she promotes you to the top of the empty because this hope the ideas that I have for this place to make it more customer make people feel love. Yeah, you know, well, let's make sure we get that money in your pocket. Yes. Yeah, I want to also say a shoutout to Danny Coyne and Jodi Nelson who I'm gonna strangle when I hear they, they used to come to the eighteenth avenues to see them coming through when the well, they're texting me nonstop in the middle of this. I'm telling Danny, I'm gonna kill. Danny. I know you're watching stop these fucking text messages. Group text people's be going glam in, and now they keep going back and forth about what the fuck it is. All I see is I can't do this. They Can't can't do that. stop it. One of the guests. He's one of the greats he's one of the weights shattered Jody Wasserman to Jodi. Recently, you can catch me at Broadway comedy club. I'm, I'm there like once a month and this is my period with them on Friday. I will be there at Broadway comedy club, and you can also check me out Ed stand up, New York, hey. You can also check me out at stand up New York, pacman high nj high, our high old black bitch, high. I know. I know. I know I know, but I'm seeing them now because I, we really got doing gross. I haven't seen him. I wanna thank all the people that listened to out on the podcast universe. I promise very soon we are going back to just James and I doing the podcast with no live home. And then if you wanna see the live or you wanna see any extra footage we're working on a patriot account. Okay. 'cause James has to get new hats and we'll make it very. Dollars and shit. Let that very soft sneaker. Addiction does burgeoning. I like them and makes me feel good about myself. Which after years of being told, I was none. I have raised above and now look at me. I'm here with these ladies and yes, and working with wrestlers and waking up random buildings that have been in before. Teeth tonight tonight everyone we love you..

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